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  1. Aye, I think a draw was probably a fair result, watching those highlights. There wasn't much in it really. Aggy was, understandably, exaggerating how dominant Stranraer were. I watched his interview first, but don't think they were deserving of the 3 points. They did have a couple of good chances but players like Ben Armour and Grant Gallacher are probably the reason they sit 2nd bottom at this stage. I found that hilarious too. They just don't have enough quality in key areas. A decent forward would have taken one of those chances yesterday but they just lack throughout their squad.
  2. That'll learn ye. Glad we did. About time Stranraer struggled to score against us, especially Ben Armour. Glad I couldn't make it today though. All that way for a 0-0 is horrendous. Anyway, another clean sheet and another point.
  3. To be fair, I always felt like he could have given a bit more in the finishing department and that he didn't reach his peak til he joined Airdrie. Good player for us, but better player for them. Good on him, though.
  4. Aye, Ray is a dick. I always enjoy beating his teams. Deluded in that interview there, but absolutely unsurprising.
  5. Worst thing that ever happened was your gaffer not leaving pre-season... to think so many of you guys thought you'd win the league. McKinnon, like Jim Duffy, is a dinosaur who should give up management. Things have progressed and their approach doesn't work any more. Awful football to watch, lack or any other ideas when things aren't going well and, quite simply, underachievers.
  6. Michael Ruth a late fitness test... that's honking to hear. Although, injury aside, I wouldn't be against resting him to protect him for most important (hopefully!) games ahead.
  7. The thing is, I don't think there is a particular dislike for him no more than most other ex players. He had some absolute stinkers for us in the relegation season. Like, some of the worst performances I've ever seen where he looked like he'd never kicked a ball before. Then he was named our captain last year, I thought he should have left after such a dreadful year prior. He had a fairly solid campaign 23/23 though. Wasn't without the occasional nightmare performance (but we had most of those as a team, collectively). He does need to sort that hair out though. Manbuns have no place in this world.
  8. Before I'd finished reading your first paragraph, I knew what the second one was going to say. Durnan is head and shoulders above any other player we have had play at CB this season. I'm not saying he's perfect, but he is calm, uses the ball well, doesn't take chances and his experience shows in how much calmer the players around him are. Jan touched on it last week, but if we hadn't lost him for so long, the gap between us and the top of the table may have been a fair bit smaller. Crighton is fine, but he isn't as much of a leader and, simply, isn't as good a player as Durnan. FWIW, I still reckon a fit Mark Durnan is the best CB in the league. Shame we didn't have him for half of the season...
  9. This result reeks of, "Just don't lose so they don't win the league boys".
  10. Ah, he's always had that in him. Too many moments of madness. In fairness, it's the reason he is playing at this level and not a league or two above...
  11. May be a wee problem with this theory... they have a squad full of guff.
  12. Interesting statement from the club regarding the incident last weekend... what does that even mean?
  13. He has certainly been more at it the last couple of weeks. He done exactly what I've highlighted above for our 2nd goal, again, today. I reckon he'll move up a league next season, even if we dont. He has a bright future and if he commits himself then he can go far. His energy levels are incredible at times.
  14. Yeah, I definitely reckon it's between Stranraer and Bonnyrigg to go down. Both are absolutely rotten. That was never in any doubt at all today. I'm echo what others have said about Ruth and Gray, both put in great performances. Durnan was brilliant at the back and how much more settled does our defence look with him back in it? I also think T Wallace is a brilliant player to have at this level. His use of the ball is almost always productive for the team. Rarely gives the ball away and always finds a team mate. A nice thought that we have the likes of Carlo, Kalvin to come back to fitness. That being said, Lynas also put in a shift today. All that being said, I feel like 7/9 of the teams in our league would have given us a bigger test today. Onto next week to build further in our preparations for the play-offs (which I reckon we are hopefully only a week or two from). Nothing to fear next week and hopefully get something from Stenny, who have beaten us in the last 2 games without actually having to turn up.
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