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  1. A woman in Leith was attacked by her two XL Bullies. I'm sure they just wanted to lick her face. Clean off. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c2vvgx1y1x8o
  2. No. And they are running out of time to get one in. Probably less than a month to do so. Completely agree.
  3. I'd guess that they've said they'll offset losses for one more year by which point they'll be hoping this battery farm malarkey is all sorted out.
  4. Staying full time is good (f'ck knows how we're doing that) but the restructuring has to include binning off Ferguson or Gardiner.
  5. During his time with us so far Ferguson has signed the following: David Wotherspoon Cillian Sheridan Remi Savage James Carragher Alex Samuel Cammy Kerr Jeremiah Chilokoa-Mullen Sean McAllister Aribim Pepple Samson Lawal Out of those Wotherspoon was the pick of the bunch whilst Lawal was pretty decent in his fleeting appearances. Kerr seemed solid enough but everyone else was largely underwhelming to poor to pretty rotten. Not exactly inspiring given Ferguson could be in charge of a complete rebuild job if he stays.
  6. If Remi Savage makes it at any kind of level other than the Vauxhall Conference North West I will be shocked.
  7. Some folk have said that his contract, whilst 3 years overall, is in chunks of 6 months or something like that? Hard to remember all the stuff that seemed to come out over the weekend through all the tears.
  8. Paying off Ferguson won't be cheap I suppose depending what breaks are in his contract.
  9. Ridgers was never getting a deal as long as Gardiner remains at the club.
  10. The Samuels sub and his mood at coming on summed up the farcical Ferguson reign. A manager woefully out of his depth having to turn to a player he's completely marginalised over the last few months in a desperate attempt to save his skin with said player completely demotivated. Another masterclass from Large Duncan.
  11. @ICTChris said this recently to me, and possibly on here, but it does seem Ferguson acts like a youth coach where the style / approach is more important than the results.
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