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  1. I don't share Norris' confidence that he would have passed Verstappen if he had another couple of laps.
  2. It's nice to see all these incidents together to remind you how shit Stroll is.
  3. The pearl-clutching surrounding showing replays does my head in. If it's bad just let people know so they can choose not to look ffs.
  4. If Bentancur hasn't got a needless booking in the first half he could've stopped the goal.
  5. So Harrison Butker is a complete c**t. Always nice when these people put themselves.
  6. Looked to me that the frame they chose to freeze it on, Diaz hadn't played the ball yet. Another drawback of the currently used technology.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/c3g8ejvezv3o Is it just me that thinks they're chatting total shite about both these decisions? Ait-Nouri clatters Gvardiol while trying to block a shot without getting the ball, how is that not a foul? There would no questions about giving a foul anywhere else on the pitch for that. And then for 3 of them to say that Solanke fouled Raya is mind-boggling, while also failing to mention the foul from Saliba slightly before this.
  8. Lmao "Cheating". I care because I don't like proven cheaters, like Marseille, Juve and so on.
  9. What does that matter, Marseille are cheats. Proven cheats and therefore, scum.
  10. Must have thought they were playing Lazio...
  11. Leverkusen blasting Bella Ciao as well, you love to hear it.
  12. Glorious stuff from Leverkusen. Get it up Roma, deserved nothing from this game.
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