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  1. I want England to fail as much as the next man, but it's only desperation to see it that leads folk to believe they aren't going to be there or thereabouts for what would be a hilariously long overdue tournament win. Iv banged this drum for a while, by every metric imaginable, England are sports biggest underachievers. Its gonna happen soon. It might happen more than once. Then after that they will.get their fair share
  2. Worried in case his progressive fraudulence condition is spotted by potential suitors
  3. Yeah Wolves stand out as the killer here. Ideally the rest get on the board early enough to get a cash out
  4. Perhaps owing to his personality and story a little bit aswell as his galaxy level boxing ability, Usyk is a man to be enjoyed whilst we have him. He's the best SINCE Floyd. He doesn't have a GOAT ledger really, but that's not his fault and in lieu of a plethora of names for him to knock over, he's went and achieve something every bit as monumental in stopping up to heavy and becoming undisputed. A much bigger achievement than any other weight jump. Also, in addition to all of that, when you don't have that resume of other greats, you have to remember the eye test counts. You can watch Usyk, his feet I particular, punch picking, distance control and the list goes on... and know that no boxer in any era find that easy to deal with. Every ATG in history has a bad night with Usyk because the skills he has are right at the pinnacle of boxing. He has everything, and he has it all at the A+ level. Legend of the game and a privilege as a fan to watch.
  5. Think that's Tefal heid Shankland drawn level with #CM7 for league goals now is it? Hopefully doesn't manage another
  6. They do have almost a week tbf the games not till Thursday and both St Johnstone and County have to go hell for leather today. Sorry... ETA tomorrow, which is 2 days less rest than Raith so that might provide at least a little bit of balance, despite the fact that I agree with you, format isn't the best. Playoffs should roll like the League 1 ones do, or be 2 up 2 down with only the lower league teams playing off.
  7. Creating a chance now for both teams appears to have no been left to just hit and hope. No quality whatsoever left
  8. Would have been absolute scenes if the last kick had been a goal, but unfortunately that is a shocker from Graham
  9. Lots of ebb and flow in this tie but as the half wears on, Raith are having less and less spells of threatening. They need to up it
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