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  1. Great cross from Brown for the opening goal and a well placed header from White. Another good cross for Raith's goal. Defending for both goals was very underwhelming.
  2. Hopefully, this is the result that wins us the group before out inevitable loss in the first knock out round to a third tier side away. (looking at you, alloa)
  3. Stranraer put together a better package than we do. It's proper amateur hour. Especially when Stephen Craigan is on to mangle the language.
  4. Dhanda's only real weakness is lack of pace. If you can get hustling opposition midfielders around him he can fall out of games. And while he will get stuck in he's too slight to be truly effective.
  5. If he didn't have goalkeeping talent he'd be with the rest of the Mackem Young Team ramraiding Nandos and starting fights outside Roker Park Tesco.
  6. Jordan White (Ross County) Daniel Armstrong (Kilmarnock) Yan Dhanda (Hearts) Alex Iacovitti (St. Mirren) A strong Ross County theme in this selection.
  7. I work in a Scottish office for a multinational company that's based heavily in England, and there were some amount of gurny b*****ds in calls this morning. What a shame.
  8. I like how they mention Rice, who was w**k in the final.
  9. Really not looking forward to this. Could see this being a "who can dive the most" off.
  10. yeah that goal is on lamie, keepers stuck between a rock and a hard place
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