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  1. Jordan Slew and Yann Songo’o return Could have been us.
  2. Morecambe have very little money, regardless. Might be punts on absolute randoms he's have to go for (not that he's averse to that).
  3. All I want from Loturi is some consistency in his decision making.
  4. I'd like King back. There's a player in there, 100%.
  5. That's scandalous. Kane knowing he's skied it and milked it for a VAR decision.
  6. Laidlaw Wright Nightingale Leak Brown Harmon Randall Loturi Allardice Brophy Hale Is that the best of what we're left with or am I missing someone?
  7. That's in confirmed. We'll always have his screamer against Raith.
  8. Sure dundee will put off Dens repairs to sign Murray.
  9. ...and I am not going to miss his endless long throws which results in very, very little.
  10. Baldwin a real mixed bag of mostly bad. Started poorly, then got seriously decent in that wee spell where we were beating sides, then back to being very shaky, error prone and far too prone to bad positional decisions and/or red cards. Every now and then he looks a real centre half, but then he does something stupid.
  11. I love the first 30 seconds of the opening track so much.
  12. Do I want a County player to beat three men then fall over his own feet? Yes, yes, I do.
  13. Looking forward to repeatedly switching between 11th and 12th with youse again. Wait, no I'm not.
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