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  1. Not a chance we will be spending 20k on the wedding. I don't even want to spend what we will be spending but will be max 5k after everything is included.
  2. Well this thread has been more helpful than I expected!
  3. Been years since I've ventured onto here so hello again! Looking for wedding prep advice apart from saying "I do" when required! Booked it for March 2020! Any other advice would be great and stories from your own or other weddings that you've attended would be great to hear.
  4. All the podcasts I listen to are fantasy sports related in some way. Joe Rogan is the only one that isn't.
  5. Yeah I've done it for 4 years next month. You'll enjoy it but need to stick with it. Don't give up. You will get thrown around and tapped a lot. Everyone you tap though it gives you a chance to learn. Let us know how you get on. I'm really looking forward to seeing which Condit comes to fight tonight. Plenty of good fights tonight and I think Cyborg gets beat to be honest.
  6. Division 2 Redraft Champion!!!
  7. Think I've lost the division 2 redraft final because I decided to tinker my lineup. I have Gio and Fitz on the bench. I'm 9 behind with JuJu left and he has Alshon. Will be tight.
  8. Yeah I was very lucky in regards to that. Nearly still lost with Sanu's awful performance though.
  9. Into the final of the Divison 2 ReDraft league. Can't imagine I will win but I've got a chance I suppose. Championship in my first season too.
  10. Mathew has just gotten into Thomas the Tank Engine. Before that it was all about Bing. Eleanor turns 1 today! Was going to add a cute picture but isn't working for some reason.
  11. Eleanor turns 1 on Tuesday. They're all growing too fast.
  12. QB - Brady / E. Manning RB - McCoy / Montgomery / Forte / Bernard / Rawls WR - Thomas / Fitz / Landry / Watkins / Sanu TE - Fleener / Witten / Howard It's either top class or terrible picks.
  13. A few of my picks auto drafted due to my awful internet and I was 10 minutes late so I missed my first 2 picks too.
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