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  1. That list isn’t as large as I’d like, but would guess others who we have offered deals too are likely to reject them potentially. Would imagine we’ve offered lesser deals to McGowan, Carey, and MacPherson. Gordon will have been offered similar terms but will likely be away I think.
  2. I think he’s essentially there to take the flak of Kirk, which in essence he has done.
  3. Is it telling though? It was obvious, and was literally stated by Levein when he arrived that Kirk would do the tactical work and training. Levein is essentially there for recruitment and handling any man management issues that arise.
  4. I’d be tempted to offer MacPherson and Carey deals on massively reduced terms. Gallacher as a back up left back could be worth a short term deal again on reduced terms. Let the rest go. Lewis Strapp from Morton for LB Fagan Walcott from Dunfermline for LCB Jason Holt from Livi for CM Then looking for an older centre back to come in for a season or so. I’d take Hanlon but would understand fans don’t want a repeat of Considine. Then sign at least one but probably two wingers.
  5. Shaun Rooney signed for St Mirren. I take this back.
  6. On the plus side… at least we haven’t hired that horrible bigot Malky Mackay as Sporting Director! 3 points the night… oh what a time to be a Saintee.
  7. Levein has also been saying we’ve played a back 5 the last few games… Can we just go 44 f****** 2 with Wright and DJ on the wings. Phillips and Smith in the centre. Although possibly Phillips out could leave a midfield of Smith/MacPherson/Max* *Shivers with fear
  8. McLelland also, plus some of the others under contract as we obviously won’t be paying up deals. So you can add Smith, Kimpioka and Clark to that. Smith just seems to be a non injury prone replica of Cammy MacPherson. Has some flashes where he looks a footballer, but largely goes missing and hides when it gets tough.
  9. Does the stadium at Airdrie potentially have VAR infrastructure from a recent cup tie (Mens, Womans, Youth?)… only explanation I can see if VAR and Astro.
  10. Perhaps the substitution and in game changes is one aspect where the dynamic between him and Kirk doesn’t really work. Remit was to keep us up, if they do that I’ll be happy. Then I’d back them to get it right this summer. Would imagine regardless of if we stay up, or go down. Kirk will be gaffer next season. We need a bit of continuity, it’s what has served saints so well over the years.
  11. Think most of this is spot on, if it keeps us up whilst giving Kirk a crucial 7/8 months experience in the premiership then I think it could be alright. Levein being there certainly takes the spotlight of Kirk, and whilst some have questioned how much it means to him… I’d like to think he is just portraying a calm, positive almost nonchalant attitude in the press to try and relax the players a bit and reduce nerves/negativity.
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