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  1. Yeah. Solicitor-Advocates across Scotland are raging at Humza's interference in the judicial system. Wee Jo Cherry is taking Tommy - £250K covid money - Sheppard to court. Humza - again - is whining about how toxic politics in Jockland is. The entire north region of Britain is being torn apart by neds, boors and Shinner. Yet, of course, I'm the hateful one. "wad some pow'r the giftie gie us..."
  2. There it is. Blame the fucking English. For everything.
  3. After my wee yin told me she wouldn't sit with me unless I left my UJ bowler in the car I felt I'd earned the right...
  4. In all of my 20ish years in P&B this is, singularly, the most stupid statement I have ever read on P&B. That includes every post from every Celtic fan, including Magee. "If you don't like 'not proven' then do away with 'not guilty' too." FFS!
  5. This, though, is exactly what is happening within the very narrow-focussed - single objective - Nationalist movement. You are all fighting with each other over how iJock should look. Meanwhile, ignoring the 55+ percent of ordinary Scots who think you're no more than a thicket of hate-fuelled halfwits who like donning the Glengarry and turning their dugs into unicorns.
  6. Says the daft wee man who said of JC's canceling, "there are literally no legal consequences'. Absolutely. Broad movements have their issues. It's one reason I stopped my Tory subscription. I didn't feel that, as a one-nation, pro-EU supporter, I was well represented. I'm now happy to sit on the fence and choose according to who represents my constituency or ward best. Your problem is that ScotchNattery is as narrow a movement as narrow can get with one single aim: to partition Britain. Yet you can't even aim at that without hating each other. You have fucked this up massively. But then if you're all about division and hate then no wonder you hate each other. That's the sort of person who is attracted to this movement. How fucked in the head do you have to be to argue with each other about how Scotch you are?
  7. Thanks, buddy. The more fissures - 'not my sort of Jock' - we get in the nasty Nat movement the better. Hoping we get a poster or two on here to describe her as a 'bitter old TERF' or somesuch. We know how much you Nats love your ignorant invectives.
  8. Except that is exactly what is happening. You can even see it beginning to develop on this thread. The whole Cherry vs Sheppard debate is entirely about the right or wrong sort of Nat. Since Sturgeon resigned - all the legal issues of the SNP aside - it's all been about the right or wrong sort of JockNat. Not that I have any issue with you hating each other to death.
  9. The legal outcome is now irrelevant. The fun part is the political outcome. What we're seeing is the fragmentation - the balkanisation - of the tawdry Nat movement. And you, yourself, are complicit here with your castigation of the estimable Fergus Ewing. You Nats are now in a fight for The Right Sort of Scot.
  10. An attention-getter doesn't mean an attention-grabber. That much is obvious. *Yawn*
  11. No it isn't. When you support the politics of division you attract divisive characters. This is no more than what's expected. This isn't about L or R. It's about the right or wrong sort of Nat. This is the kind of petty squabbling the ugly politics of division brings. JC is a modest and self-effacing late-middle-aged KC. She gets attention. That doesn't mean she encourages attention.
  12. That's Jo Cherry's solicitors just sent in her papers outlining her legal case and the possible ramifications. The expectation being, of course, that there are 'legal consequences'. The cherry (no pun) on top is the increasing Balkinisation of Scotland's idiotic Nationalist movement. You really hate each other.
  13. You, of all posters, calling him that? FFS! Bit of self-awareness over the next couple of months, eh?
  14. I know you're committed to supporting these clowns. Sad wee man that you are. Thin spelling from me. Thanks. I'm sort-of embarrassed...
  15. I hope you're right. To see one Nat MP - Cherry - challenge another Nat MP - Sheppard - is exactly what we're looking for. The more viscous it gets the better.
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