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  1. This is going to be an uber pop!
  2. A controversial "Rangers died" sign there! This is dragging on a bit here.
  3. Sorry. Posted something in the wrong bit. Hope you all had a nice Christmas.
  4. I don't like people's mini reviews of the year followed by the obligatory here's to a better 2016.
  5. Can't wait to win that round the world first class flight with Emirates with 5 hand spending money. What a prize for them to offer. Thank you emirates.
  6. 2 questions. What pubs in the city centre of Glasgow would be amenable to a stag party tomorrow? Preferably with a jukebox and pool table. 2. Any way of getting to motherwell after the trains finish for the night?
  7. Anyone else think too many people are sharing the photos of the guy that lost the camera in Scotland? If i lost my camera i wouldn't want the photos splashed all over the Internet.
  8. Jo brand Mittens Jonny vegas Jack Dee Rod Gilbert
  9. Good point, this had been annoying me all week but now I have read this and I feel a calm acceptance of all the photos - thanks Captain Rational.
  10. If I lived closer to one I would defibrillation go for it, 2 films a month and you are quids in.
  11. It's annoying that people getting right into the games at the moment won't even like sport next week.
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