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  1. No This. I'll say Tories and not just tar pish people in general with the same brush but absolute perverts the lot of them
  2. One man pub crawls don't come cheap you know
  3. We were great in the first half but second we were woeful and as soon as we conceded it was backs against the wall. Between players tyring and yet again the wrong substitutions we did well to see out the game. My big concern is making the same mistakes on Saturday. Rankin has no plan B and the in game management is attorcious however, would have been more than happy with tonight's result before the game so all to play for.
  4. That's Baroness Brady to you ya peasant
  5. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/bizarre-world-twisted-fantasist-revealed-14120878.amp
  6. Gammons are a bunch of odd red faced jingoistic wanks. Did I do it right?
  7. Bit of a long con if they are in this together tbh
  8. I once witnessed those two supping champagne in The Ark beer garden in Glasgow. He's dead now unfortunately. RIP and all that
  9. Missed my 4pm Bargain Loving Brits Abroad for this boring muck. Have to wait until next week to hear how Barbara (72) is getting on in her new chalet in Benidorm
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