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  1. Why? Both second and third in our group will play a group winner.
  2. You’re talking up B team games then dismissing actual first team games because they were after a team won the league. C’mon mate.
  3. There’d have been folk who didn’t have Porteous in their preferred XI but no one was aghast at him being selected because they’d seen it work before in big games. Same goes for the Christie over Gilmour thing. Folk just love to play captain hindsight.
  4. Which is why all the “X is a disgrace”, “should be binned” stuff is complete pish. Team performance was rotten but folk are far too reactionary on individual player performances after every single game.
  5. And? Would any other middling Scottish right back have been any better?
  6. I can’t believe I’ve just read someone (Motherwell fan of course) implying that Stephen fucking O’Donnell would have improved things against Germany.
  7. Same goes for the people giving it “X player shouldn’t play for us again” when they were absolutely content with said player this time 5 hours ago.
  8. Wonder if we’ll get the sympathy stoppage time again
  9. I’m struggling to believe that’s Emre Can and not Sami Khedira.
  10. The same Gordon who was hopeless against Finland? All our keeper options are shite. Gunn is just the best of a bad bunch.
  11. I’ve already said it but this only holds if they do likewise against the other 2 teams.
  12. I mean we’ve been pish punting it up the park as well. We’ve just been pish at everything really
  13. We really need to find a better keeper.
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