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  1. How would that have been ‘cruel for France’ ? - the ball is clearly down. There’d have been no disputing it. f**k off
  2. An all time low this. Mortifying
  3. We all know what’s happening here
  4. Arteta getting schooled by a Proper Football Man?
  5. I noticed when playing against us that Hibs’ attempts to play out often broke down when Bushiri would get the ball, get himselt into a tangled fluster and then just skelp it away, undoing the work of the other players. Must be infuriating.
  6. Shankland’s a nice throwback to the pint drinking strikers of old. Before pressing was invented. Unfortunately he will absolutely batter them in if he goes to Rangers.
  7. We need to just embrace the chaos and make all derbies in Scotland night games. This is great fun.
  8. As a neutral my excitement for watching the game tonight was probably 80% down to the mic thing and how different it was going to be. Of course they’ve pulled the plug. Boring losers.
  9. I’m convinced this section of the forum is the Facebook of PnB. It’s wild for it.
  10. Was all a bit weird. The light show didn’t match the feeling at all. Bit of an *Alan Partridge using pyro as he’d already paid for it* vibe. Then add in the dated tune selection and the bored looks on the players faces.
  11. A lap of honour at Hampden is funny. The players can hardly even see the fans. Just staring vaguely in their direction lightly tapping their palms.
  12. McGinn always speaks like a normal person rather than some robot footballer. He’s a good c**t.
  13. Aw come on we’re not still playing this garbage are we? Was a fun moment 3 years ago. Let it go ffs
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