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  1. You are preaching to the converted, hate the new handball rule and how common sense doesn’t come into play
  2. Tbf it would’ve saved a lot of time and effort if he’d have kept his hand down and let the ball sail over or into the keepers arms, it’s difficult to say what we are worse at, corners or penalties. We probably have more of a chance scoring from an opposition goal kick.
  3. I hope he contracts a debilitating disease, not cause he’s Jewish, just cause he’s a c***.
  4. Peter Grant is a c***, I switched to hibs tv on sat cause I couldn’t listen to him but how desperate are the papers for hits when they consider that a newsworthy story. Who cares what he thinks.
  5. Also…. Get Forrest in the bin, Yang did more in his 1st 5 mins on the park than Forrest did in the hour he was on, and how the f**k did Micky Johnstone get on before him on sat too? Mind boggling.
  6. Tbf the traffic was horrendous last night, good thinking getting out early. ‘use the heid, beat the stampede’.
  7. Absolutely despise that c**t, one of those self proclaimed ITK bloggers that think they speak for the Celtic support. A bellend.
  8. Women have a perfect right to have a place in our movement.
  9. Their season books are linked to the group, probably so they all get tickets together for away games, games at hampden etc, so has positives for them but, in this instance, has it has negatives too.
  10. Don’t think the section is closed, just anyone in there that’s season book is linked to the GB.
  11. He was adamant and you heard correctly, just a few are poo pooing his claim, as you would after hearing him.
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