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  1. So negative overall, why leave it so late with the subs? An improvement on germany but still pretty poor. Ralston just looks miles out his depth, would rather see James Forrest at RWB but Clarke will never be that attack minded. i though McGinn and McGregor were anonymous. Gunn and mctominay played well! I think Iv been burned too many times by Scotland at major tournaments but Hungary on Sunday in giving me Morocco at France 98 vibes!
  2. I get that Germany have better players than us in every position but that’s no excuse for inviting the pressure on and giving them acres of space in midfield, we had to get in their face and make things difficult and we haven’t got close. im not one for saying we need passion and to hammer opposition players, but we need to get close to them and at least try and give them something to think about!
  3. Giving Tony Kroos 5 yards of space in the middle of the pitch any time he has the ball is an interesting tactic!
  4. He knew right away it was a shocker that’s why he pretended he needed treatment!!!
  5. Feels like Germany have more players in the pitch than us!
  6. Let’s not kid ourselves here Celtic are fucking pish! Rangers are just fucking worse!!!
  7. Brazilians have such a great track record in Scotland what could possibly go wrong?
  8. I’m fucking raging Phil is in the final! He’s been shite all the way through, ducked decisions at every point, wasn’t even that good on food tasks, his interviews were shite and didn’t include accounts in his business plan. What’s the point of all the task if this dick gets to the end! Tre was a far better candidate but didn’t have a family business he could put up and instead had a terrible business proposition. have I missed something with Flo? Don’t get the hate for her.
  9. liam Scales is a completely average footballer and he’s strolling around like beckenbaur out there cause rangers are giving him acres, surely he’s the guy you should be pressing!
  10. Imagine what Maeda would tonto tavernier if he was actually any good, tremendous athlete awful footballer!
  11. Celtic have done absolutely f**k all and still look most likely to score again!
  12. How the f**k is Phil still in this?? Thought they were all rubbish, Paul was decent but you could have fired any of them winning team included, I think this year more than ever it’s been a case of who is the least worst wins each week than either actually being good
  13. Noor was thick as f**k and stupidly argumentative and took zero opinions on board, you knew she was getting fired as soon as she started speaking! as if she want shite enough, she then shat it at the pitches and left everyone else to answer the questions on why the advert was so shit!
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