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  1. That looks like it's from a breakfast buffet in a Travelodge. The sausages are overdone and the bacon has congealed because the lazy b*****d couldn't get out of bed until 5 minutes before they stopped serving. Tomato ketchup should be nowhere a full English.
  2. Fly Fishing is an absolutely shite activity enjoyed only by tory, gammon wanksplats. It's worse than golf IMO.
  3. Bill Drummond of The KLF released this folk tinged tune about his boyhood heroes...
  4. I do remember this manufactured pish being a big around 20 years ago. Sweet Home Alabama takes a pop at Neil Young for dissing the deep south in Southern Man Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album is basically them dissing each other. You can see and feel the tension in this live performance. Although he's not named... this is supposedly Ian Brown having a go at John Squire Also, I can't be arsed looking them up, but I'm sure some of the Glasgow happy hardcore lot, like Gary McF and DJ Rankin were big on slagging each other off.
  5. That thread title just took 10 years off my life. Don't do this...
  6. We all do it... well at least I do... The curtains are down, there's nobody around... so let's stick on some tunes and play air guitar. Let's hear the tracks that make you get your badminton racket out and start strutting around your bedroom like Keith Richards.
  7. Could be wrong, but I vaguely recall a Home and Away character popping up in Neighbours. I could be talking shite.
  8. I watched it last night. I'm undecided. Not a lot happens. A lot is just left for your imagination to fill in the blanks. It's well made and well crafted and it does make you think, but it's not exactly light hearted entertainment.
  9. I drink a cappuccino on my way to work in the morning. Green tea at work. Chamomile at home in the evenings as there's no caffeine and it helps me sleep better.
  10. I'm pleased to see that the Mo have comfortably avoided the bottom spot. At the start of the season I thought that they'd be stuck at the bottom all year.
  11. Dillon and Gardyne are no spring chickens, but they've a season or two left in 'em. It does concern me that the team are aging. A major rebuild will be required within the next couple of years.
  12. I saw the Shambolics in Dundee last night. Typical "here we fucking go" lad rock nonsense. Decent enough but instantly forgettable. Next up is Acid Mothers Temple on Thursday.
  13. Confessions of a driving instructor Driving miss daisy
  14. I saw James in Dundee last year. They were excellent. Don't be anxious about going alone. I do it all the time.
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