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  1. Welling United 4 Gosport Borough 2 FA Cup replay, very enjoyable game at a neat ground where crowd change ends at half time. The 50:50 draw seller was a Dumbarton fan. £15 entry + £2 to sit in one of the 2 stands. Crowd 443
  2. Charlton / Dumbarton fan here. Plus points of DJ are that he can sometimes wriggle out of tight spots on the wing, generally at his best in one touch plays and that he is a good community ambassador. However, he rarely makes good use of the ball. He seemed to be signed on the basis that he scored a couple of crackers against us while at Swindon. On his last game he seemed to be carrying a bit of timber. Charlton have been trying to offload him for a while now and I'm a bit shocked that he got as good a gig as St. Johnstone. Hope he does well for you.
  3. Formerly of this parish https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/66122484
  4. @microdave have you contacted Carers of West Dunbartonshire? https://carerswd.org/ They might be able to give you some advice. I care for my Mum, but she gets 4 visits a day from WDC Carers, all arranged when she was discharged from hospital 4 years ago. Sounds like your Mum has fallen between 2 stools in that respect. You're doing an amazing job but you also need some help and a bit of respite, all the best
  5. Too late for a postponement (if that state ever exists at DFC) but not for an abandonment??
  6. Well Ben Dempsey and Dipo Akinyemi hardly pulled up trees there but are regular starters at Championship Ayr
  7. That strikes me as very plausible, and not calling for a pitch inspection was a very, very bad call. Can't defend DFC on this occasion.
  8. I’m very fond of Josh Savage
  9. Don't know that pub, but will check it out next time I get down to SE
  10. "I cut my teeth working on bespoke luxury residential which were often in sensitive locations or listed." Don't like the sound of that
  11. Based on the figures on vaccine supply in the withdrawn vaccine deployment plan we should now have 1.7 million doses, so with nearly 1.5 million doses adtually given it seems that the supply is as expected
  12. @ballochsonsfan Is Flew The Arrow the bloke who describes most of his songs in terms of his mental health issues? If its the same bloke then I’ve seen him there before and it was a harrowing and unrewarding watch. Sorry I missed Carson McHone, ill health prevented me from attending.
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