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  1. She'll blame it on the menopause, then break a false nail, and then go home and eat 3 bars of chocolate.
  2. I didn't jump around celebrating. I slumped to my knees in tears. If anyone was to settle the outcome of that, it had to be Lewis Vaughan. Words can't describe the emotions he must be going through.
  3. Don't bother with Ian Murray, he's a shite manager with no ambition whatsoever, he's done nothing worthy of note with us at raith, honestly, Just don't bother. Waste of time.
  4. Iceland in musselburgh. Apart from this Google image, you can almost guarantee some lazy fatty or auld c**t will park on the pavement practically right at the door, when there are loads of spaces nearby. It's the only shop out of the 3 there without bollards, maybe they need to change that...
  5. I've only ever encounter that problem, and it's always been when hibs have a home game, which they did on Sunday. It depends of course which time you were there...
  6. Had a chance of a free ticket, but I'm severely hungover so therefore I'm suffering enough as it is...
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