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  1. Far too many to mention them all but this is the best car I have driven, just a pity it was only a few laps of Knockhill, I did try and persuade Mrs Soze to sell the house and buy a caravan but she unpolitely declined.
  2. Airdrie - While since I was there, only ground I've been huckled out of due to a b*****d steward, offie near the ground was dodgy but got a tinnie for the 2nd half Ayr - Fab away day, Smugglers et al down that way and the Bowling Club next to Somerset, one of the best away days in the Championship Dunfermline - town centre is decent but the Elizabethan is a good haunt for away fans, less then 10 mins walk to the ground, pity, Abbeyview is a spoon benders paradise Falkirk - Drookit Duck is great, oh shit, they've moved to Grangemouth, dunno why, Brockville was fab. Morton - Norseman, chippy and bookies next to the ground, sound as Hamilton - Meh Livingston - Just fucking no, soulless shitehole, nothing to see here Partick - Fab away day, Munns Vaults is cracking Queens Park - pretty sure most of us have been to Hampden so you know the score Raith - obviously the best away day for all you guys Seriously tho' Novar Bar, Penny and Dutchess are all pretty close, just avoid the estuary, nearest pub to the ground, just not the best edit - put team names in bold and to say obs about the beer
  3. A few weeks back we took 2500 up there, this time I reckon it will be 2-300 max. Can't make it myself but hoping for a penalty win after a draw which would (hopefully) see us top the group and a chance of a seeding in the last 16. Cue another 4-0 pumping.
  4. Falkirk 3-0 Queens Park Airdrie 0-2 Raith Hamilton 1-2 Ayr Livingston 2-0 Dunfermline Partick 3-1 Morton As there are still more than 2 weeks until the league kicks off I reserve the right to revise these.
  5. Definitely not Broddle https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154097712613
  6. Bit soft maybe, but still a foul. No. Dry your rose tinted eyes bud.
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