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  1. I'd prefer if it wasnt on sky, then it would have been rearranged to the free cup weekend and we could have gone. This fixture has usually gone the way of the home side in the last few years, hopefully we can break that cycle. Need to watch Brophy carefully, he might have a point to prove.
  2. Glad to see Michael Mellon back playing so quickly, after the murder attempt on him less than 2 weeks ago.
  3. An away support of 277, only about 12 of whom were adults, is pretty poor.
  4. Today may suit Olusanya as from what i've seen of St J, their defence isnt the quickest.
  5. Basically he was being overtly racist, wont repeat the actual text as it was wildly inaccurate and very distasteful. If he'd made similar comments at the football he'd be getting banned for life.
  6. I presume by the deletion of posts from this afternoon that elvis, rightly, has been escorted out of the building?
  7. Scanlon never missed a penalty for Saints, in fact i'm not even sure he missed one at all in his career, though when he was at Aberdeen he didnt take that many as Strachan took pens ahead of him.
  8. VAR should enhance the game, but unfortunately its being run by imbeciles. The fact that they have admitted VAR got 13 decisions wrong in the last 2 months tells its own story. When it is operating in European games it seems to be much less intrusive.
  9. It happened in our game v Ross County too when the ball was clearly over the line but hadnt been given on field. They should really do it more often, i've been at games when they've been playing on for 3 or 4 minutes for no reason.
  10. I think we're maybe only 2 wins away from virtually guaranteeing top 6 - if we do that it would mean either aberdeen or hibs needing to get at least 14 points from 8 games which will be tough. If our ambitions are higher, which they should be, we need to try and get an advantage on (probably) Killie and Dundee going into the post six games.
  11. The one thing that you absolutely cannot level at this side is lack of heart. Today was disappointing, possibly lacked a bit of quality and guile up front and missed loads of chances, but everyone always gives 100%.
  12. A top 3 attack? I dont think any of your forwards would get into any of the top 6 sides never mind top 3.
  13. While the GB sometimes behave like fannies, standing against the massacre of tens of thousands of Palestinians is a good thing.
  14. Reilly was a great player for us in our championship winning season, i thought he'd go on to have a much better career than he has.
  15. Fortunately for us, no Craig Samson in goals on Saturday.
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