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  1. That last post sounded far more condescending than it was intended in hindsight.
  2. Posters who post posts infrequently as f**k like they have better things to be doing with their lives.
  3. Tbf 99 is pretty close to 100.
  4. No. Fortunately I am lucky enough to live in year round sunshine so my t-shirt and short wearing self can pull off almost any style of trainer I fancy. I had these on the other night and, I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I looked fantastic.
  5. In the brief time that I've seen him he looked a bit busy and potentially a pain in the arse for defenders. Get him unleashed Doc.
  6. He was asking online the other day and got plenty of suggestions. Hopefully he does a rain based megamix.
  7. I'm not quoting the post because there's too much of that horrific colour on this thread already, but that commemorative picture of the dabs v Alkmaar before getting duly pumped 7-0 in the 2nd leg is tremendous
  8. Not even just that, I watched the highlights last night and County had loads of dangerous balls in their box and numerous other chances. They could've had more if their finishing was better. If we don't give Rangers at least 5 on Wednesday I'm done with Dundee.
  9. He is a clown of a man, an utter clown.
  10. Incorrect, I am not a mathematician at all. I see you incorrectly use exclamation marks.
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