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  1. Mike Caird will be a very hard act to follow Almost took the club to the top division in his 7 years as chairman, that will never be repeated Great guy will be missed
  2. Also much happier to see proven players from our leagues that some of the unknown we have had over last few years
  3. Is Leighton 100% signed Might see him play on the wing
  4. 3 club legends, McKenna Gaston have been outstanding for us , But Ricky Littles commitment and what he has done for us won't ever be forgotten, All the best to all 3 of them
  5. If that was indeed Gaston and Mckennas last game it's an absolute disgrace they didn't start the game, Two club legends who should of been given the chance to play from start 100% Out of curiosity did the manager come over at end to applaud the travelling support,
  6. Nah I'm sorry, Make all the excuses you want, He has to go, Last 10 games Zero points 34 goals against 7 goals scored,
  7. Yeh people deserve chances, he has had a nightmare with injuries and so on, But what bothers he has given no signs he can fix it
  8. Do you think he is the right man do take us forward, Can ge be trusted? Taking away all the excuses and being a dead rubber, does anyone actually think he deserves the chance?
  9. The result is irrelevant, But don't understand what Bird, Dow, Gold, Mackinnon and McIntish are being asked to do, Slater sitting in midfield rest all over the place
  10. What formation are we playing? Look all over the place
  11. Someone was obviously sending him pictures of what was going on, I can't believe in such a short time we have went from having a good name on and off the park and good reputation with players and fans to this, Can't wait for this season to be over
  12. Yesterday 100% individual errors cost us, But McIntyre gives of no vibes or nothing to suggest he can turn things around, My frustrations yesterday were with the team selection, if it's a dead game for us why are we not playing the likes of Gaston who could be a great goalie for us next year, Why not give Lyon a game In midfield over McKinnon, What is the point in bringing on Bird when the game is dead? Wouldn't of had any of the loan players near the team yesterday, Then at the end he couldn't of gotten up the tunnel any quicker, there was a very decent crowd yesterday for last game of season, we were absolutely humped yet the fans still stuck around at end and there was zero appreciation apart from a couple of players, There is zero connection between McIntyre and fans, he really needs to work on that side of things and maybe he will get a bit more understanding and time from fans,
  13. Why did we bother turning up if it's a dead rubber and season is over? Today was another showing why he can't be trusted going forward, the tactics are a mess, where was Ryan Dow playing? If players are not going to be playing next season why are we playing them, why not play the likes of Lyon who could do a job next season, It won't happen but he needs to go, He is draining the last bit of feel good out club
  14. Surely been signed as a centre half? Maybe it's Little and ToB who will be at East Fife, Really can't see Mckenna being at East Fife
  15. Thought first half we played well, 2nd half not so much, Why play loan players? Don't understand, McIntyre not for me, but he has been backed by board so we move on Massive summer ahead
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