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  1. Can’t say I’m too enamoured by the Sheridan signing at all but I’ll only judge him fully by his contribution in a QP jersey, it’s only fair. He seems to suggest in his interview that there’s an opportunity to sign beyond this season if he does well so hopefully he’s highly motivated to show what he’s got when he’s on the pitch
  2. That’s a shame about hinds. Must be incredibly frustrating to spend such time training with the club and beginning to settle, to then be told he can’t be registered cause of an issue with a previous club down south
  3. Sheridan is a honking signing if it’s true Guy hasn’t scored a goal in about 3 years. I’d imagine he’ll be a sub to launch the ball in the box for the last 5-10 mins of games if needing a goal given his height
  4. Savoury Robson Jarrett Bruce Longridge Scott Hinds Savoury and Bruce are realistically the only ones I’d be looking to sign up again at this point. Can’t really judge Scott or Hinds yet as they’ve just joined although I like the look of Scott
  5. Ferrie contract extension announced 10:30am if you click on the week ahead tweet Superb business getting him tied down
  6. He’s been a class act since he joined (minus the red against Ayr) So calm in possession, wins a surprising number of headers and knows his position so well. If only he’d been about since the start of the season I know he’s had an awful injury record throughout his career but I find it utterly bizzare Inverness let a player of his quality go, nevermind to a relegation rival midway through the season
  7. I think we should call it quits on the Stuart Mckinstry experiment in the first eleven. Another underwhelming performance, thank goodness he’s only here until the end of the season. I was buzzing when he signed but ultimately he’s been a huge flop There’s sprinkles of talent on occasions but loses the ball far too often and it’s often lost in dangerous areas
  8. Yeah we got away with that today but the total shift in mindset nowadays (especially defensively) under Davidson is incomparable to Veldman and to some extent, Coyle. We look horrible one the eye at times going forward (virtually zero attacking intent today) but we battled hard and kept going even when we were massively under the cosh 2nd half. We lose that game 10/10 times under Veldman. If you’re not going to win the game, make sure you don’t lose it either If there’s any doubts as to whether Cal Ferrie is a bombscare goalie, I think today proved what a fantastic keeper he is at this level. The best keeper in the league no doubts and I’m sure he’ll probably move on to bigger things in the summer being out of contract. Quite outrageous saves in the 2nd half Morton were really decent imo. They have their way of playing but it works and it works well. No denying they’re physical but they can play the ball on the deck effectively also. The entire 2nd half had an air of inevitability about Morton scoring but thankfully wasn’t the case A good point which keeps things ticking over to Dundee United next week. A big ask but the players should be going in to it with an element of belief. Dundee United are no great shakes
  9. If we’re going to bring a different option up top, please god don’t let it be Sheridan. Well I’m assuming that’s him
  10. Josh Hinds signed up, was last at Hull city. Seems to be a winger as his preferred position but can play across the whole frontline. I’d imagine it’s a low risk signing and it’s good to see we’ve got the option of extending his deal beyond the end of the season if he performs well
  11. Hope we’ve not spoke too soon on Crole. Not seen in the squad on Saturday and was subbed after 35 mins today for the B team
  12. Apologies that you seem to have took that statement far too literal and took offence to it. As a QP fan, they’ve felt like horror shows as we’ve performed really poorly in all of them (in crucial points of the season), which is a credit to Morton and imrie. It’s just always the fixture that we seem to never turn up or get going for.
  13. Wit Calm down precious Not once did I suggest we had a divine right to beat yourselves, you’re literally just finding anything to get riled up over. I mean horror show as in imploding with daft mistakes throughout the games. Ferrie x 2 mistakes, Marcel Oakley selling the jerseys giving a penalty away last season at cappielow, blowing a 2-0 lead at home, failing to create absolutely anything for 55 mins against 10 men a couple months back. If anything, I respect the way Imrie has Morton playing. He’s clearly doing a fantastic job Very weird behaviour getting annoyed over that. Whatever suits your narrative I suppose
  14. Makes sense for Kane to join Dunfermline over us if that was the case. He’s not getting ahead of Paton and at his stage of his career, I’d imagine all Kane is wanting is regular starts somewhere
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