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  1. Looking at the play off's dates certainly change my views on playing our strongest side ,we don't owe any other side anything ,only common sense to play our fringe players ,not as if we have not had our share of injuries and knowing our luck ,take no chances ,
  2. McCabe has proved he doesn't need a big budget to make a good team ,some of the big money players just can't play as a team it's all about themselves ,
  3. Play offs great achievement, promotion and he is gone for sure,
  4. Aye play reserve side it will be a record score,can ,can the result come into play offs,will suit queens fine ,
  5. Would have thought the young keeper needs all the games he can get,just my opinion but I would play more or less the team we have been starting with ,
  6. BBC pundits saying D united just not up for it,hard to play your best when you can't get a kick of the ball,a goal or two would have been the icing on the cake,A lot of our moves certainly merited at least a couple of goals ,Can't remember when we played passing football like that last night ,
  7. If he reads comments on here it won't help him ,had a good pen save ,big lad as well, get off that line and pick out the cross balls ,
  8. Aye,prepare for next season,why leave this league it's been a great season,best season I can remember for a long time definitely excelled,think we all know there are some better quality players out there facing us,playing as a team is the quality we have and proved to be a winner in a good few games ,so all credit to team and manager ,same again next season would do nicely,
  9. Definitely to many when you look back ,Paul jonquin,Brian McEwan,Innes McDonald',,,Billy Wilson ,Willie McGuire ,Roddy McKenzie Davy McWilliams,,could go on all listing players that were my favs,
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