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  1. The worrying thing (one of many I guess) about that Greenock thing is the ease with which the young boy had made up his mind he was going to stab the guy. Walked past the girl filming asking for his “blade” like it meant nothing. Could easily have been a lot worse if she’d given him it.
  2. Normally I’d be delighted to get Germany but since they’ve not had a striker of note since Klose and we’re up first on Friday I’m torn here. This may change next Saturday.
  3. Son is going to his pals. Wife announces I’ve to get my own dinner as her and my daughter have tickets for a show. I’m stuck in all alone. Tears are welling up.
  4. 7/10. Changed the correct answer to a wrong one for prime minister. Chemistry and Job also wrong. Guessed chess.
  5. I read (listened to in the car travelling to/from work) the first one of those a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed it too.
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