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  1. Does anyone know any pubs in Glasgow showing Clash in the Castle?
  2. The dream of a perfect week is over. Cruised through the first eight questions, then I'm forced to answer questions about American Egg Chasing and the Towering Inferno. The only thing I know about the Towering Inferno is this ... 8/10
  3. As pleased as I am to luck ball my way to a 10 with guesses on the God, the song, and the poem, I'd rather get a lower mark and win the lottery instead. Still, I really shouldn't moan at a Double Boater, as I'm now naming two tens-in-a-row.
  4. Fecking 9 again. Managed to guess bomb my way through the chemistry and chess questions, only to come unstuck at another "What was this c**t's profession" question.
  5. 9 out of 10. Currently reading a book about English monarchy so if I'd got that wrong I should just have retired from quizzes. Sadly I'm not currently reading any books on French cookery.
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