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  1. Aye I really want Man City to win it as I've got glory hunting Liverpool and Arsenal "fans" at work. No Man City fans yet but give it a few years.
  2. Liverpool should be ashamed of themselves there.
  3. Nothing brings P and B together like Wales losing. The Poles, a great bunch of lads.
  4. It's not Hartson or Savage, so small mercies.
  5. A complete sclaff falls to the Welsh boy for a tap in. Standard.
  6. Georgia are a right horrible team. No idea why the ref wasn't called to review that knee high tackle.
  7. I've somehow just hit a 13 darter in the house (no witnesses sadly). Out of absolutely nowhere, my best ever before that was a 16 and I've only done that once. Missed tops for a 120 finish and 12 darter but hit D10 first dart next throw. Ended up losing the game 3-1 averaging about 57 cos I was full of adrenaline after that first leg.
  8. She's a complete cuntress. I remember her going out to bat for nonce Andrew on some talk show by pedantically pointing out that he wasn't technically a paedophile because the word paedophile means people who are attracted to prepubescent children apparently.
  9. He's a fat coward. Knew he'd find a way to weasel out of it.
  10. Sadly nobody will ever surpass Taylor's 16. The strength in depth is far too good now.
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