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  1. Europa League Play-off Round Draw: 5 August 2024 1st leg: 22 August 2024 2nd leg: 29 August 2024 Europa League Group Stage Draw: 30 August 2024 Group TBD Matchday 1: 25-26 September 2024 Matchday 2: 3 October 2024 Matchday 3: 24 October 2024 Matchday 4: 7 November 2024 Matchday 5: 28 November 2024 Matchday 6: 12 December 2024 Matchday 7: 23 January 2025 Matchday 8: 30 January 2025 Conference League Group Stage Draw: 30 August 2024 Group TBD Matchday 1: 3 October 2024 Matchday 2: 24 October 2024 Matchday 3: 7 November 2024 Matchday 4: 28 November 2024 Matchday 5: 12 December 2024 Matchday 6: 19 December 2024
  2. Sturgeon played it too safe for too long and over time it all unravelled. The contrast in how Scotland and the rest of the UK voted on Brexit should have been the difference maker and instead of action it was just 'poor us, look at what they did and are making us go through'. Until a fresh, normal, and charismatic new leader can emerge with an ability to grow the economy - and dare I say it endorse and deliver on things that are actually popular across the political spectrum with the majority of the population - the SNP and independence cause will go no further. There are too many failings associated with the Sturgeon era that need cleared out, and frankly these things will require the passing of time and probably at least a term in opposition.
  3. Well, this is rather awkward after what was said by the SNP about Johnson-Truss-Sunak, now that we will have had Sturgeon-Yousaf-Swinney. A monstrously bald failure from 20 years ago, ffs. Independence has never felt further away because of these total losers and those who continue to cheerlead them. Get the unwanted culture war nonsense straight in the bin. Realpolitik and economic growth are the only things that will win more people over to the cause. If they can't see this or aren't interested, then deserved electoral oblivion will await.
  4. If Hickey doesn't make it then the balloon is already burst. Patterson will be fortunate to have a decent career in the English Championship. Hilarious that Cream Buns thought he was equal to or better than Hickey not so long ago and it's sickening that Hertz got peanuts for him in comparison. Hickey will be first choice for one of the big boys very soon.
  5. Serious teams don't suffer abject humiliation at home to Larkhall Loyal. Still, whatever makes you sleep better.
  6. It's not. Our starting eleven is chock-full of Premier League players. Hungary have a load of jobbers cutting about the Hungarian league. But yes, having a proper manager who can get the best out of the group at his disposal is an entirely different matter, however...
  7. Disagree. Hungary are a good unit who have had some good results in recent years, but I refuse to look at their squad and think that, other than Szoboszlai, we aren't better than them in every other position. They also had a joke of a qualifying group. Switzerland are a seasoned outfit at tournaments, but we should be more than capable of going toe to toe with them. A good team would beat Hungary and at least draw with Switzerland, which would be enough to qualify with a bit to spare. We'll see what happens. Let's hope so...
  8. This sort of loser pish is why we will always struggle as a nation. We should have pumped the illegitimate statelet and the Taffs still would have been beaten. 'Good laugh whatever happens.' We should be targeting the last eight if we have any ambition whatsoever. Well, that was the hope before this international break.
  9. Can't even fully appreciate Wales making a c**t of it because we have fallen off a cliff.
  10. It's almost like we've done the same - already on our holidays and not giving a toss.
  11. Which now looks like it's all going to be for naught. Well, other than three more ducks. That's seven without a win since we qualified, and we've just been papped at home to Norn Iron. Pretty much all the same things we laugh at Southgate and England for isn't too dissimilar to what we're now facing. A stubborn manager that is out of ideas. Loyalty to the same players also means complacency for said players, and makes those on the periphery become disillusioned. Clarke deserves immense criticism for how badly things have gone. The fact they were actually going right frankly only makes this situation worse. We should be going to this tournament with the belief that we can really compete - instead we're probably going to be whipping boys again who are there simply to make up the numbers. We should all be buzzing, but it has gone totally sour. Still, at least we should beat Gibraltar before we go! Dykes and Adams will probably get hat-tricks to show what absolute ballers they are.
  12. When were they last on the park when we were actually winning? The monstrously bauld fraud usually chucks them under the bus when we're losing.
  13. Letting young guys like Tommy Conway, who is vastly outperforming that utter diddy dumpling Lyndon Dykes in the very same league, fanny about in the U21s, should tell you everything you need to know about the problems that still persist within our game.
  14. That dour fraud getting his just deserts for his Southgate loyalty syndrome. Losing at home to the failed statelet, worst run of form for 20 years, out of ideas, and the feel good factor long gone. Yeah, see ya.
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