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  1. Not a fan of the Danes. Boring country and a football system full of ICT-esque 90's Frankenclubs. Out in the group stages, please.
  2. I've been to every country in this Euros and lived in five of them. Albania is the answer.
  3. Both are acceptable, like The Slovak Republic and Slovakia, The Russian Federation and Russia...
  4. Why you'd call your child "small hollow" I have no idea. Nonsense name.
  5. The whole of Belgium were pissed off with Courtois to be fair.
  6. That's why it's better off not to. P.S.: why do you have a photo of Steven Naismith as your pic?
  7. Call me superstitious, but I'm taking that divine light illuminating Clarke as a definitive sign that we're going to fucking romp it over the next few weeks.
  8. Says the man who posts updates on the England squad on a Scotland thread.
  9. I said something similar during (after) the playoffs. They have done a really good job of setting the tone of the support. It obviously helps that such a core part of our identity was already trying to be more dignified and respectful than the Old Firm, but I'm very glad we've avoided the arseholery which comes hand in hand with similar sections from both larger fanbases like Hibs or smaller ones like Stirling. The atmosphere has improved so much over the last few years. Can't believe we used to give that stand to Celtic. And Graham, Docherty and Penrice. Four of them are in the Premiership now and the other was the Championship's top goalscorer. It was an incredible end to the season, but McCall massively fucked the first half of it.
  10. I'd cut my right leg short to be in a major tournament squad, and I suspect most players on the fringe of a call up would think similarly.
  11. I quite like the idea of brining rattles back. I think.
  12. Surely they'd still try and win the league, but would be denied promotion, similar to what happened with Buckie.
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