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  1. Because his hand was out to the side and stopped a shot on target. Quite simple really
  2. Wee fence at the front down, trampoline next door and next doors hedge in my garden. Back garden is fine, it's like someone competent done the back.
  3. Pint of guineas and packet of dry roasted. Down in Newcastle working and site shut down because the toilets ect froze.
  4. Anybody know what the wee bullet things that attach to a van side door and slide into a hole thing behind the cab. I am missing one and don't known what it is called to buy another one?
  5. I like them, handy for flinging all the empty tinnies in then straightening the recycling bin.
  6. The 1999 to 2004ish Barry Ferguson would be the first pick in Scotlands midfield today. To put Macgregor, Mctominey or Jack in front of him is just not remembering him properly at that time and letting 2008,2009 Barry Ferguson cloud over.
  7. This is exactly what happens to me, its infuriating. You're trying to get finished up and away he gets a phone call or txt but doesn't look at it then fucks of for a half hour shite
  8. That's me convinced he'll sign now, probably on an extra couple of grand a week
  9. Unless it's absolutely freezing outside his house will not drop to 8 degree. The thermostat is just a switch really so he is just switching his heating on for a couple of hour a night.
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