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  1. Be carefull what you wish for. After 45 years of gigs, my hearing definitely isn't what it should be with constant tinnitus and general dullness especially in noisy environments, e.g. pubs. Apart from myself I blame Lemmy and Angus Young.
  2. I stuck with it until the end and was very underwhelmed. The worst of the lot IMO.
  3. I wasn't planning to watch this until it was discussed on here but watched it all last night and I'm glad I did. Hadn't been aware of the full circumstances and the outcome of the enquiry and how bad Nasa come out of it.
  4. Double header of Xfinity and 500. That's my monday sorted.
  5. Robinson was over remonstrating with the fans at the end there.
  6. Enjoyable watch if a bit drawn out.
  7. Mrs Boo works from home for a bank and spoke to some guy earlier whose card was blocked by their system as he'd tried to buy 2 Wembley tickets for £630 each!! Think I'll give it a miss.
  8. Daytona 500 qualy races from midnight tonight
  9. I could've posted this word for word
  10. Quite enjoying this but not quite as much as i'd hoped. Haven't seen The Pacific but will do so when this finishes.
  11. Pleasing to see several terrorist sympathisers getting thrown out the main stand in second half.
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