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  1. That was (and given my advancing years will probably always be) the most drunk I've been at a Thistle game. Finished uni at lunchtime and into the Goose on Union St before getting the supporters bus up. Assumed I'd kind of hallucinated this magic goal with back heels and 20 yard weaker foot volleys until the next day when I watched the sportscene highlights I'd recorded.
  2. Cheers, I'll go through their internal procedure first before using any external bodies. This guy is one of the senior partners so it might be that he can delegate it as it's not hugely complex but there's nobody to report him to (internally) I might have to end up doing it but my issue is that I'm going to have to pay the existing firm for work done and then - even on the assumption the substitute firm are hugely efficient which is a bold one- they might need to duplicate some of the work so I'll be paying twice. Will have a think.
  3. Always good to ask for legal advice on here haha... we've been trying to get a hold of a lawyer who's been doing some work for my mum to get an update on the file for about 3 weeks now- I must have phoned on about 8 occasions, sent two emails and went into the office in person with a hand-signed letter last week which the receptionist (who was very apologetic) assured me would be looked at- the excuses on the phone are always "he's out of the office / he's working through his messages / I'll let him know you've called on a few occasions". My mum has also phoned twice and been fobbed off as well. Other than just the shite customer service I'm wondering if he's made a bit of a bollocks of what he's doing. I don't really want to engage other lawyers as then the cost just starts to spiral but what the f**k do I do short of doorstepping him or putting a molotov cocktail through his window to get him to reply? Is there a complaints procedure? edit: we've heard nothing for about 4 months, I've only started chasing it up in the new year though so I'm not being hugely impatient
  4. After a run of mainly away games we now have 4 in 6 at home in a 3 week period. Unfortunately the pitch still looks like a bog in patches despite the lack of game time so can't imagine it'll be great by the end of that run. Keeping Sneddon in goal would be actively hurting the team at this point I think, he needs taken out for his own confidence. Other than that I agree with the changes mentioned by @oneteaminglasgow
  5. Just watched the highlights and you could legitimately blame Sneddon for all 3 Inverness goals, 2 trundlers and flapping at a corner. Defence has to do better as well. Inverness won't be happy with the defending for our goals as well, poor clearing header for the first, falling asleep at a free kick (tho credit to Robinson for being switched on) to give away the penalty for the second and there were 5 consecutive headers in the box before Graham volleyed the third. Never a red card either, McBeth does duck his head down a bit so Andersons foot is still higher than it should be, and it is a foul and maybe a yellow but nowhere near enough force for a red.
  6. Goal of the century so far for me is Britton at Dundee in the cup in 2002 , runner up is Paul Cairney 30 yard chip away to Falkirk.
  7. This is very very thistley, the week after blowing a 2 goal lead to come back from 2 nil down then immediately concede
  8. I'm not a massive Bannigan fan and I would have been OK with letting him go in the summer, but his level of performance across his career with Thistle is miles ahead of Docherty imo. Docherty was slightly better when they played together but not so much it would outweigh Bannigan up til his knee injury. Also Osman was brilliant for 3 out of his 4 seasons with us, obviously the last season was a disaster, but a 75% hit rate doesn't seem like a great example of cherry picking.
  9. My (stupidly over attacking and unbalanced as these "best of" teams tend to be) first team, nothing hugely controversial, maybe Higgy as his purple patch was one third of a season but what a patch it was... ................... Cerny O'donnell Lindsay Archie ATS ...................... Osman Lawless......................... Higgy .................... Erskine .......... Doolan...... Graham Second team ................... .... .. Tuffey Mcmillan Craigan Paterson Booth .......... Hardie... Bannigan... Harkins ........ Roberts..... Burns.... Tiffoney Mcmillan (Jack, not Jordan obvs) probably gets ahead of Dumbuya despite being at a lower level due to the latter's last two years of being injured, but Booth was consistent for 3 years which puts him ahead of Milne (for now) The entire front 3 all had a season (2 in Roberts case) where if they hadn't played we wouldn't have stayed up / gone up.
  10. Diack the only absentee (due to illness) mentioned in the pre match interview, everyone else travelling. Think we'll see Robinson in for Stanway from last week and maybe O Reilly in for Muirhead.
  11. The perception of Osman and Britton are probably tarred with the last season hat salesman and the CEO (though his management spell seems to be almost entirely forgotten with the blame attributed entirely to Derek Whyte) respectively. Think Osman has more of a case to get in a team of the last 25 years, you can definitely argue we've never replaced him. For Britton to get in I think you'd have to include his first spell in the 90s which is outside that time frame. He wasn't as good as McLean in 01/02, Burns in 02/03 and Grady in 03/04. Definitely in the honourable mentions category beside Burns and McLean (but not Grady) tho.
  12. Mark Roberts probably has to be considered as one of the most influential, there's an argument there might not be a Thistle if it wasn't for him almost single handedly getting us out of the third tier in 05/06. That said I can't argue with Nightmare's team too much. Other mentions include Alex Burns, Martin Hardie, and Gary Harkins (first time round)
  13. James Lyon away to East Fife on loan. Assume we couldn't get him a league one club so he really needs to be standing out at that level with a view to getting into our team next season.
  14. Bills are in a bit of a cap bind for the next season with Stefon Diggs and Von Miller saddled with dead cap hits for 2024 that make them almost impossible to move on. There's a school of thought that says eat it for a year rather than keep kicking the can down the road Saints style and hope you hit on the draft picks then go again with some splashier moves in 2025 but the other side says Josh Allen only has so many prime years left / will eventually get hurt and you can't waste time. Of the free agents Gabe Davis will get paid somewhere else as will Leonard Floyd though at a lower amount due to age. DaQuan Jones is the one I'd be trying to get back on a one year deal again with age worries but someone might give him more. WR is the biggest need of all, will be interesting to see if they go out for one in FA or think they can get what they want at 28 in the draft or trade up a little.
  15. Went through it myself for draws, so we have Raith this year, Cove last year, Dundee Utd (of course they're on any PTFC related list of bad shit) in 15/16 in a post-split game that went 3-1 to 3-3 in the last 5 minutes and Ross County 3-1 to 3-3 in 13/14. On the Thistle comeback side there's the East Fife game I mentioned in 20/21, a 2-2 draw with Dunfermline at Firhill in 18/19 and a 3-3 draw with Hamilton in 14/15 which probably needs an asterisk as we came back from 0-2 to 3-2, then lost a 94th minute equaliser so it didn't feel like much of a comeback at full time. So that's nine 2 goal leads lost since 2013/14 and three where we've came back from 2 down to avoid defeat.
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