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  1. Commiseration's to the Thistle fans, always a good bunch and get behind their team. PKs is always a shit way to lose. Best of luck next season.
  2. Well probably the preferred fixture for us given our total inability to beat Airdrie this season in 5 matches. We’ll be hoping these two hard fought games have taken their toll on the Jags players legs for the next round. We’ve edged Partick this season so far but every game has been close and we know they’re a decent team on their day with a dangerous player up top. Hopefully our lads turn up all guns blazing for these fixtures in front of a decent crowd.
  3. Two games like this is surely exactly what Raith fans would want to see with both teams going for it for the full 90 minutes. The advantage of 2nd place comes from playing less games and hoping the QF takes it out your opponents while you rest your players. Really enjoyed the game as a neutral great entertainment and a decent advert for our league, both teams played some nice football and it was end to end stuff at times.
  4. And then followed it up with Yogi Hughes which was beyond mental having seen him take us steaming into league 1 with our buckets and spades in hand. Does seem strange that the extra income hasn’t seen the Pars having many decent season’s recently disastrous PG/YH one aside.
  5. It’ll be interesting to see Livingston’s crowds next season especially if they don’t bounce back. No idea what their finances are like but Martindale always seems to plead poverty these days. Could they go the way Accies have? They’ve done well over the years to stay up in the top level.
  6. Right guys we don’t want any of this flowing football bollocks. Get stuck into each other maximum cards and injuries. Don’t worry about the next round.
  7. It’s great to see I was right about being wrong.
  8. 8/10 involved Dundee Utd, impressive. Yeah I think we declare tickets sold these days like the Pars and ICT.
  9. The only thing more ironic than a QPFC fan criticizing someone’s ground would surely be if a Clyde fan did it.
  10. I don’t know we’ve got two that match Aye I’ll take miss match stands and a bit of character over generic modern grounds which all look the same.
  11. No disrespect intended to Stranraer as I’ve nothing against them but they’re probably the most at risk team in the SPFL when you look at their attendance statistics. It’s actually a credit to their board they’ve done so well over the years but with such a low average attendance it’s only a matter of time until a bad season comes.
  12. Aye there was a few half arsed shouts from the steward and then half of Fife just rolled in. Decent wee stand on a dry day. Not sure what happened to the roof they bought from Love Street as I thought that was for the WDE but maybe I’m mistaken on that one. I always like the set up of the stand opposite the Main stand (sorry don’t know the name) with searing and terracing. Cappielow is a real miss match of stands which definitely gives it character.
  13. Pretty much expected 0-0 draw between two teams with zero to play for. Morton looked the more likely to win it but big Kev said No! Decent day for football although I was amazed there was no pies to go with my Bovril. Roll on sausage wasn’t bad though. Shout out to whoever forced the WDE to be opened as the Main Stand is fucking awful for anyone over 5’. Come on Morton you don’t bring thousands through to us and we still give you our entire North Stand, it’s not much to ask for a wee bit of the WDE to be open for us.
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