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  1. How many fans do County expect to bring down on Thursday? As much as 1200 on Sunday is a bit awkward for our fans 2000 on a Thursday is obviously worse.
  2. Going to need a good performance to have any chance in the final but we’d have all take this before a ball was kicked this season. I think we should find someone other than Ro Sham Bo to give the motivational team speech
  3. County are where they are for a reason and while they improved after changing manager they’ve still been scudded 5-1 by a Motherwell team with nothing to play for dropped a last minute equaliser to their playoff rival and failed to beat a 10 man Aberdeen team with nothing to play for. They’ll certainly be favourites for our playoff but we should go into it with nothing to fear and just play our game. Try to get something out the first leg and see how it goes.
  4. Congratulations on staying up commiserations on keeping Craig Levein in a job.
  5. Probably take some from the away end as I doubt Ross County or St Johnstone will fill the North Stand. Breaking seats is muppet behavior and breaking your own seats is grade A bellend behavior. As mentioned you’ve got the name of who was sold the seat at the very least give them a warning.
  6. Nothing against Inverness but that thug Duncan Ferguson con get it right round him.
  7. Can’t remember the year but we had it once where our furthest away day was Morton as there was no QOS and no RC / ICT.
  8. Aye, think that penalty decision in the first leg will cost Accies as 3-0 would have been game over for Inverness. 2-1 with home advantage, good chance they’ll turn it around. Not arsed who wins it personally I generally prefer to see the lower division team win as I’m not a fan of 9th (11th in Prem) getting a chance to save themselves but the playoffs are what they are. Hopefully it’s a decent game.
  9. I’d expect they’ll open it but only if they sell the other stands. With last night being pretty close to sold out you’d expect a few more for a Final but who knows with it being Thursday and on TV.
  10. It’s mind blowing Peterhead managed to hold onto a player like Brown for as long as you did, guy is clearly good enough for the Championship and could probably do a job in the Premiership. Delighted Murray brought him to the Rovers. Reflecting on last nights game (minus beer) it was absolutely nerve shredding, thought Thistle played a great game and got right in our faces and played a physical game that we don’t like much in the same way Airdrie have been so effective against us. Thistle looked the more likely to win it and credit to them for the energy they showed as I’ve no idea where it came from considering they looked leggy in the QF games. Delighted to get the win on penalties but it’s also a cruel way to lose a game so sympathy to the Thistle fans who are a credit to their team and every time we play it always seems to be a good atmosphere. On a sour note can we get McLean to f**k as he is a shite referee absolutely brutal (for both teams). Anyway as I posted last night best of luck to Thistle next season it’s great to see so many wishing us luck in the final, I’ve respect for anyone from Glasgow who chooses not to follow Celtic or Rangers and the Thistle fans I’ve met over the years are always a friendly bunch. No idea how we’ll get on against St Johnstone or Ross County but it’s been an incredible season regardless. The Championship is actually a fantastic league with some really good away days so as much as I’d love to see us go up I’ll not be devastated if we’re still here next season.
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