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  1. Is that him in a Dunfermline strip in the background image?
  2. To be fair, I just needed to lean forward slightly and it was fine. Doesn’t make a good picture though
  3. Probably, I’d estimate around 350 to 400. Unfortunately I’m unlikely going to make this one, hopeful we will build on last Fridays result.
  4. The United defenders are having an easy time with this tactic. If we wanted to persist with we would have been better swapping Vaughan instead of Rudden.
  5. The Rovers Facebook says it’s the highest crowd since April 1997. IIRC we lost 6-0 to Rangers that day so I hope that isn’t a bad omen!
  6. There looks to be exactly 1 seat left in the away end and the South Stand is sold out.
  7. Interesting signing considering our current right back is decent enough. Make me think that Millen will be pushed further up the pitch as his crossing is probably the best at the club.
  8. Based mostly on this season alone Arbroath - won 2-1 , great evening out Ayr - won 2-1 , great day out Dundee United - Won 1-0 , great day out Dunfermline - Won 3 games in a row , great steak bridies , close to home , great day out Morton - saw us lose to Clydebank there once, always raining , still won 2-1 , good evening out Partick - Came back from 2-0 to draw , great day out. Inverness - I’ve never been but we did win 2-1 so it sounds like a great day out. Queens Park - won 3-2 with 10 men after losing 2-1 at 89 minutes, great day out Airdrie - lost 1-0 twice, would not recommend.
  9. I’ll Diamond Red (or was it Red Diamond?) the Thread I started.
  10. He appears to be a really good goalie , especially with his feet. Yeah, it’s going to be an interesting final. Hopefully the Scottish team wins.
  11. No complaints from me about who won , you guys were clearly the better team. My only minor gripe would be Rae at the final whistle standing for about 30 seconds with his hands cupping his ears facing the Rovers fans. If it were me I’d be off celebrating with my own fans.
  12. I watched some of the highlights from last night and took a screen shot of this. If we leave United players with this much space it will be a crushing defeat.
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