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  1. My mate text me the shocking news. I told him you need to read the autobiography one of the best football books I have read. The book hits the mark on football and life.
  2. Have they not just been handed 1 million into their player budget by a new investor I'm sure I read that somewhere ?
  3. Herald suggesting Oisin Smyth from Oxford is more or less a done deal .
  4. The transformation of the club when Fergie took control. Pre Fergie home gates were around 1,200 I remember one time it was 900 the club had fallen by the way side. It was not too long before home gates were hitting 12,000 . 1977 a mid week trip up to Dens Park would confirm we had won the league. I was 16 and won a half bottle of vodka on the bus raffle. What a night. My mind is a bit foggy but one of our first games in the top league was against Rangers at Love Street. I think it was a 3-3 . Remember it being a great game we were competing evenly. The atmosphere was electric. Another stick out was my first trip with St Mirren junior supporters to Tynecastle on a Wednesday night. Back then their was no M8 so away trips to places like Kirkcaldy the bus would leave at 10am. Plenty of great times but these wee stories stick out as magical times. Thanks for asking.
  5. Just got my first senior citizen season ticket this morning. To think my first game as a kid was 1967 being a regular ever since blows my mind.
  6. ( IF ) Robinson leaves I can see him taking quite a few back room staff. ( IF ) Robinson was to leave would like to see our club try and entice Tony Docherty.
  7. Sunderland forum 24 pages in on Robinson he certainly is not a popular choice. The latest post seems to indicate talks are happening. He reckons Robinson wants his back room staff which could be a problem . It's a fans forum so could be a load of old cobblers.
  8. They have been such a car crash of a club for too long. They are a sleeping giant capable of 40,000 home fans its the type of project Robinson would love only if Robinson can have full control. Fingers crossed Sunderland get their first choice.
  9. They laid off their groundsman to cut costs are also heavily in debt again by millions of. They have invested large sums into the squad. A club who has went into administration twice is a huge risk. As for grass it costs thousands a year to maintain. St mirren's pitch currently being laid is £130,000 then maintenance costs above that. That could be two to three decent signings. Each to their own grass for me .
  10. So it goes to another date. There is a reason the best leagues in the world use natural grass and not plastic. Can you tell me why the biggest competitors in football only allow grass.
  11. Is that you best for plastic grass , seriously ? Mate the rules will be changed soon for the top flight to ban plastic pitches. Clubs like Raith don't have the financial cost of laying a grass pitch. Average cost £130,000 I understand that's what it's costing St Mirren laying a new pitch just now. Each to their own for me professional football should be played on natural grass.
  12. No disrespect to Raith but to hell with these plastic pitches so I hope County stays up. Plus a wee trip up the Highlands is always enjoyable.
  13. The first one looks genuine to me. The above ones were just posted online in twitter land.
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