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  1. Was in Dublin at the weekend on a stag, I had to get the earlier flight back to Prague on the Sunday and was cursing my luck running on three hour's sleep. I was the only one to get home with most people only making it back on Monday night (and one via Cologne!). Sounds like the weather has been insane.
  2. Not sure I understand the point of this thread nor in general why Scottish football needs to be compared to anything else.
  3. I honestly find most stand up comedians to not be particularly funny.
  4. Things must be getting really bad. Thanks for the memories.
  5. Aye, that's enough for me. There would be a certain amount of credit in the bank from our very credible Conference adventure, but ultimately when you've a squad that is very good on paper but can't perform vs some of the frankly woeful teams in this league something has to give. Don't have any confidence that Robson will take advantage of our games in hand - perhaps a blessing, if the board (or 'FMB') bothered their arse they would see this is a good time to get the change done.
  6. Was out earlier doing the big Christmas shop and was delighted to find salt and vinegar crisps among the sea of Lays/paprika flavour offers.
  7. If it happened I'd still have Zbrojovka Brno but I wouldn't be able to support another Scottish team.
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