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  1. Declan Rice looks like a slightly more human version of Kyle Lafferty.
  2. England are missing the cool head of Harry Maguire IMO.
  3. At least she looks good, sounds horrendous though.
  4. Murphy is a clown, it wasn't even that close.
  5. Looks like only about a quarter of the crowd were celebrating the win there.
  6. Absolutely shite waffling commentary from Tyldesley there after the goal.
  7. Can’t believe Crocker just said “there’s browns everywhere”, I’ll be filing a complaint ASAP.
  8. Good performance today, just frustrating how cheap the goals were. I think Robinson messed up the first sub, Olusanya should have been on earlier and playing with Mandron instead of replacing him. Strain and McMenamin were both knackered and Barisic would have really struggled with Olusanya on his wing.
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