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  1. A massively significant photo. Just imagine he was sick in bed that day instead.
  2. Initial reaction is a LOL but truth be told that subsided quickly thinking about all the well balanced fans who will rightly make the decision to step away given the appointment of a known racist. Hopefully your fans group / trust can step in with a clear statement but don’t know how much good it will do. Shame on the owners. Football is so important to folk to do this to them. Sorry lads.
  3. It’s just crazy to me this complete lack of self-awareness that exists nowadays. Then, by saying that, I think “ok boomer”. Damned if you do…
  4. This thread is created to check in with your fellow P&Bers about anything you’ve done which you feel is it risk of being in Karen territory. Past history suggests that the community will be kind, but honest in appraising your behaviour. I’ll start. Am I a Karen because I asked two folk to sit down at a gig? That sentence in itself doesn’t look great. But for context, they were the only ones standing up in this seating section and they blocked the view of the entire stage. Plus, two tickets cost us just under £200.
  5. AGAIN there is no need for a delay to flagging offside. VAR has ruined our game.
  6. My point was that it was so obviously not a penalty, it didn’t require more than a 1 minute glance.
  7. Dundee just happy to be in the top 6 tbf. Enjoy your journey boyz
  8. Old scum are particularly poor this year
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