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  1. Other than getting older and a tad slower nothing really. He is still a solid keeper. Not as agile as he once was. McIntyre is wanting a younger keeper to come in to be No.1 and Gaston to be no.2. Dont think Gaston wanted to stay unless he was no.1 which is a shame. But had to happen at some point just probably a year to early.
  2. Problem was if the club responded to it by releasing a statement then it becomes a bigger story. More attention to it and then gives Dick another platform to say more. Claim the club was lying and other things have happened. Just fuelling the fire. Think most fans on here knew it was a load of shite so no need to release a statement to draw more attention to it.
  3. But why should the club bother giving him the attention that he so clearly craves? When Dick spouted that Spitgate nonsense the clib chose rightly not to say anything and give that story anymore fuel. Let it die out. And they are doing the same thing with Screwball Scramble by not engaging with him. The club has posted he is set to depart which is enough.
  4. Only one man for the job. Todd Lumsden
  5. Or maybe....... The way he acts on social media gives an insight into the sort of person he is. One that is a 3 fries short of a happy meal who it seems cant help himself from posting negative stuff about the club (sometimes deleted) to paint himself as some sort of martyr. Have we seen any other player (other than McKenna wee outburst) acted out like this? Made negative claims? Now imagine having that sort of hot headed loose cannon in training? Someone who didnt listen to instructions, turned up late and was *Redacted*. He was then told to stay away from training. He was deemed surplus to requirment and told he was free to find a new club on a free transfer. Yet no takers. And then social media posts over the past few months. Maybe read between the lines and you may get your answer.
  6. With the losses you guys have been racking up over the past few seasons in the Championship I would be worried about what sort of losses you will make in L1 if you remain Full Time. Hope the board have deep pockets
  7. Most likely xmas/new year Arbroath v Cove/Montrose (at least 1 at home)
  8. So the teams for League 1 are now confirmed. Here is how it looks.
  9. That miss from Balde reminds of Iwelumo's miss v Norway.
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