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  1. I know it's tough to contain your massive fan base to one thread but kindly keep your historic transfer drivel to your own area.
  2. Those in the know, who are the players we have coming in then?
  3. What about Tumilty? Was way off it. I'd take him and Winter out.
  4. I just notice you guys are on Alba tomorrow. Do you reckon the game v the Accies has a chance of being moved to TV in October? When are they announcing games?
  5. Just on the seats in your stand point, what are the arrangements for away fans is everyone in the one stand or is there standing? I know there has been alot of talk about not being able to view the action etc. Just unsure whether it's worthwhile for Saturday.
  6. Surely not? How far have we fallen? I thought you chumps were Div3
  7. Airdrie I hate you guys I really do, but fair play out Accies'd the Accies. Enjoy yourselves hopefully you make the prem and annoy Scottish football as much as we have.(ps drop the Trump flag) We'll take up the Falkirk bashing from here.
  8. Are we both in the same stand tonight? What's it like for parking? Is the car park free?
  9. Buzzing for this. Can't remember the last time Airdrie Utd were of any relevance in this fixture. It should make for a decent tie which we will ultimately mess up.
  10. Arbroath lose v Thistle next week and Cove v Dundee. Its all to play for. A 10-2 keeps us up on the last day. Simple.
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