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  1. Kyle Fleming signed up for Annan from you guys,no mention of McPake yet !
  2. Missed a good part of last season with injury.
  3. Probably was time for change. Murphy did a good job for us but now new opportunities and Wullie has certainly more to prove against Queens than Murphy has to Annan. Cannae wait for the fixtures & first Derby game.
  4. Brilliant news with Wullie. One of the best players in the league last year. Grit, determination , skill , and he will have learned from his previous managerial experience. What's not to like ? Come on the Annan.
  5. The grounds no much better than a public park
  6. Nowadays is there no faith in a manager being able to develop players , improve them & fit them in to the team playing style or is it just down to recruitment : either a good eye for a player or plenty bucks ?
  7. Lets put some meat to the bones. 2017/18 Chapman did a runner to Clyde and Murphy had no time to assemble a squad. 7th finish 2017/18 4th. Finish ie. Play Offs 2019/20 Covid season terminated after27 games 7th.finish 2020/21 another short season due to Covid 22 games 8th finish 2021/22 3rd. ie. Play Offs 2022/23 3rd again Play Off winners and promotion. 2023/24 8th. Survival in League 1 with reputedly the smallest budget. OK not Pep G but 3 play offs out of 6 seasons in league 2 , not bad to be fair.
  8. Just to correct you D'Jaffo - he did not drag a LOWLAND league club to the third tier. Annan joined SPFL in season 2008/09 after the demise of Gretna. We made play offs 3 times in the first 9 seasons,never finishing below 8th. Peter Murphy joined us in 2017 and since then another 3 play offs the most recent In 2022/23 when we were promoted. Pedantic I know but factual.
  9. No Murphy I would say. C McM was a very prolific goalscorer with a great career but in his only SPFL managerial role with Stenhousemuir he saw them relegated from League 1 and was later sacked. PW is just in door regarding coaching,too early to judge.
  10. Bartley had full back Oscar McIntyre on loan to Dec. - didn't get much out of him. Vastly improved under Murphy from Jan. onwards.
  11. I do understand your frustration ,a town/city the size of Stirling should probably be in the championship.
  12. You are where you deserve to be - no divine rights in football.
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