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  1. 4 more sleeps! Monday night flight to Charleroi. (Only time I've bought a seat on a Ryanair flight in case it is overbooked.) 1 hour or so train to Liege and another hour to Cologne. Get there Tuesday lunchtime. Canny wait!
  2. I see that while Scottish Fans are having organised marches with carry outs allowed, our neighbours are not trusted and getting Shandy. Fingers crossed any encounters with them are good natured and limited
  3. Given that the other guy was editor of the Scottish Sun, Compston is not the reason for not attending this.
  4. Getting towards an hour waiting at baggage reclaim tonight. "Operational reasons"
  5. Just wonder how they conjure up how much injury time to play. The var decision must have taken 2 minutes, and the substitutes 3. Don't know how many times the physios were on, but in the world cup there would have been 10 minutes extra time and not 5 in that hame, especially given Marshall's time wasting for the entire 90. Our officials are not only incompetent, they also appear to put in as few minutes as possible for the ridiculous amounts of money they earn.
  6. Bit of inconsistency in that table: 6. Rangers 12. Airdrieonians(1878 -2002)
  7. What's the story with away tickets at Hibs? Why can't I just log on to a website, buy a ticket and get a qr code?
  8. Its sometimes not possible to give all home teams an equal number of home and away games, and this happens if a team expected to make the top 6 fails. I think only us and Celtic have played 17 home games and the others 16. There would be uproar if Celtic got and extra home game, so maybe we would get it? This post is being posted with a fine wine in hand
  9. Any ideas on the post match fixtures. We've played Rangers Hearts and Aberdeen away twice. Does that mean we get to play them at home, with Celtic and Hibs away?
  10. Willie Miller letting himself down talking about "Aberdeen Rejects". Using his language it was 4 St Mirren "rejects" a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Bad timing for St Mirren. Hearts looking like a Jack Ross team at the moment
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