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  1. Heard from someone at the ground that it was an Arbroath fan punched by one of the Rovers young team.
  2. The same rapist that accrued 3 assault convictions while at United.
  3. Same energy https://x.com/JamieRoss7/status/673873211331842048?s
  4. Have they always got that heater? Hope we’re not playing the leccy
  5. Aye. Are you there to watch the football or just misbehave? Kinda reminds of me folk I knew that just went to football to get pissed and fight with opposition fans. Fannies.
  6. I saw it land on the pitch, wasn't sure if it was a lighter or a vape. Chucking a smoke bomb at our players at the end? Mental. Think it was Andy McNeil that just lifted it off the park though while getting moaned at by the steward.
  7. As long Rejects don't buy the naming rights Ya Hoor Sir Stadium
  8. Ian Murray was a utility player rather than an out-and-out defender. I wonder if that influences his decisions on playing folk out of position. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/raith-rovers-starks-park-gaffer-ian-murray-targets-bringing-in-utility-players-this-summer-4126215
  9. Important difference The OG Kirkcaldy Cottage Hospital Charity Cup. (It's been back at the club for about 11 years now)
  10. A cup that meant so much to Raith that it sat on my parent's mantelplace for about 20 years.
  11. Thanks, Pat Clarke was the niggle at the back of my head. Edit: It was Jason that managed Cowden, Lee played for them (but not the Pars)
  12. With Liam Buchanan returning to Cowdenbeath, it got be wondering who else has turned out for Raith, Dunfermline, Cowden, and East Fife? I know about Stevie Crawford, anyone else? (I'm sure there are loads that played for three - Jason Dair and Gareth Wardlaw come to mind)
  13. That's a photo from 1895, three steam engines and a plough clearing snow at Altnabreac. Almost suggets we've gone backwards in our ability to cope! The resident electronic guru/trainspotter in my office tells me that the electronics on modern trains start failing below -5C so the doors freeze, heating fails etc, so ironically the old rickety trains with the handle doors, are more likely to keep running (although they're usually Baltic inside!)
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