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  1. I think Rudden is a better player than Gullan, but I don't think that's helped us. Murray has seemed more willing to start him, which has ultimately lead to Hamilton falling in and out of the team - which isn't great for him. Similar to my thoughts on Turner. Not by any means a bad signing on paper, but these signings haven't made us particularly stronger.
  2. Corr looked decent enough, agree that Brown looks better at centre back, at this stage. That isn't to say that in some cases this season it wouldn't have been more beneficial to move Brown in the midfield. Its not the playing him at the back that's the issue, it's what we lose from the midfield (especially in situations like Tannadice when we don't play any holding midfielders)
  3. We have a strong selection of attacking players, and everyone works incredibly hard. There isn't a huge amount outside of that however, that can only go so far. Its been quite poor, for some time now.
  4. I had half a mind of heading up after work, thank f**k I didn't. Terrible.
  5. It's not quite a bottling, but when you consider the size of our squad and the ability to bring players in, we've made a bit of a mess of what should have been taking it to the final day at least. We've dropped far too many points to some sides who are pretty damn poor.
  6. Aye, that's my thoughts to be honest. Rudden I guess did as Gullan left in January, however whilst Turner is a good player, its another attack minded midfielder in a squad full of them. Our form is getting worse whilst the squad and bench has as much depth as I've seen in years.
  7. That's the league table from the games after our win at Tannadice. Not a hope in hell I'd take any glee over Airdrie finishing in the playoffs over Dunfermline.
  8. I share the general sentiment, but also think its perfectly fine to be both appreciative of how much the club have improved this season, and also dissapointed at the fact we have missed a great opportunity to at least push Utd further. The fact they have a bigger budget etc masks it a bit - we've had some fantastic opportunities handed on a plate and there's no guarantee of being in a similar position next sesson. Perfectly fine to be dissapointed. We have improved hugely from last season, but I don't look at the squad we have assembled and think that should be any lower than 2nd or 3rd. Granted there have been some of the usual major overreactions.
  9. The harsh reality is that we are where we are due to that very good 1st half of the season. My concern is that's all that separates us from the teams below us, ultimately a disproportionate amount of 1 goal wins that have started to dry up - and whilst these hsve given us a points advantage over the sesson, doesnt give much confidence we can cut it in the "crunch" games. We can look the points gap all we want, but the actual gap between the sides based on current form is minimal. It's a bit lazy to call the Rovers lucky, but I think 11 points clear in 2nd place is very generous indeed. Worryingly, its coincided with about as much squad depth as I can ever remember a Raith Rovers side having. I'm still not convinced that's any more of a help than it is a hindrance - we look poorer with more riches to choose from, and the lack of any sort of settled team doesn't help that. Murray has been able to make some good (on paper) signings as the season as went on, and we don't necessarily look stronger for it. I do think the loss of Millen is pretty significant, and I'm surprised at how highly some see J. Brown. He's "alright", but I think a pretty significant downgrade from his predecessor. There is still potential for this to be a very good sesson, but at the same time there's a risk that it stutters to a halt over the next month or so - which would be very frustrating.
  10. Aye, I've seen nothing to suggest that Brown is any better than the two midfielders who have also played in his position.
  11. We desperately need to move away from having Brown at centre back. He's done fine there plenty times, but he's been miles off it on too many occasions now. I'm not necessarily annoyed at not winning the league, but the way we have meekly surrendered some very good opportunities in the past couple of months is incredibly frustrating. United will deservedly win the league, but when you look at the position that was gift wrapped to us after they were beaten by Dunfermline, its a pretty poor effort from us to keep things competitive. That said, tonight we can have little complaints. Airdrie played us off the park and have a manager who appears to be significantly more tactically astute than our own. Still an important few games though, its vital to retain some kind of positivity going into the playoffs.
  12. Airdrie absolutely streets ahead of this Rovers side tonight. Only hope is that Partick can beat them in the play offs, Mccabe is streets ahead of Murray tactically.
  13. James Brown is a pretty significant downgrade on Millen to be honest.
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