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  1. Hibs never do too well away from home to teams with Hearts in their name
  2. Surely that must be Farfar as the natives are known to utter?
  3. "Oh you are awful but I like it"....ยฎDick Emery (circa 19 god knows when)
  4. Saturday's game will give hopefully a good indication of how things are progressing. Anything there will be a bonus even if it goes to penalties for the extra point.
  5. Quite possibly. But I ask the question, would we have been capable of hitting eight goals against East Kilbride? Doubtful to be honest. We are not prolific and proficient in front of goal as things stand.
  6. To be expected given the way that the game has panned out.
  7. While we struggle to get past Stranraer, Airdrie are setting goal scoring records against East Kilbride.
  8. I don't think that they do when you look closely at the photo on Facebook with the four players. Lewis and Ross strips seem to show the bottom hoop being a band in actuality. I assume that the top one will be the same for symmetry. ETA It's also described as the "white with blue bands is back". Not hoops.
  9. SPFL indulging the Pars and Falkirk with their pseudo "love-in" derby three days before New Year. Why it isn't the Fife derby on that date, defies any logical sense. Then again, logic and SPFL are never to be found positively in the same sentence.
  10. Alan Shearer summed it up perfectly. "A lack of quality". "Plenty of effort but no quality."
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