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  1. These were my photo's taken from the home end on an old fashioned camera (remember those?). The ground was so busy we couldn't get in the away end. We were joined by hundreds if not thousands of Falkirk fans in the home end (not pictured here). That was a nervy, hot day, we were right behind the goals at this end and remember a few shots bobbling along the rock hard ground in front of us with our hearts in our mouths. What a day that was.
  2. Hamilton are projected to finish on 69 points (based on 1.92 points per game). We are currently on 65 points, so given our superior goal difference we'd need just 1 win and 1 draw from our last 11 games to surpass that. The only way I see Hamilton's points per game ratio improving greatly is with a change of manager. The way McGlynn seems to be looking at it is that we have a 17 point and significant goal difference advantage so effectively 18 point lead, or as he says a 6 game swing, with only 11 games left. If we continue to win an average of 2.6 points per game and Hamilton continue at 1.92 (their form is dropping as the season progresses) we'd win the league in approximately 5 games time - so 23rd March against Edinburgh at home. (2.6 points per game equates to 4 wins and 1 draw for us in next 5 games, 1.96 points per game for Accies equates approx to 3 wins and 2 losses, or 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss) It is possible we could win the league on one of the 2 televised games away to Queens on the 16th March or away to Montrose on the 30th March. We have some tricky away fixtures in March (4 of them!) so it might drag into April, but the league could well be done in March!
  3. Second in the league and only 745 fans at their game today. Unless they have sell ons from players already left they could be in trouble
  4. Two wins, two draws from six on the form table I looked at. We'll agree that it will be our performance that will count more than theirs!
  5. Kelty have only lost 2 of their last 6 at home, so not too shabby. You'd expect, even with our changes, however that we would be a tougher test for them.
  6. That's quite a few changes. Morrison I'm guessing is the key injured player. Henderson nesbitt yeats on the bench too. So 4 key players not starting Hogarth Bisland Lang Donaldson mcann Spencer Tait Oliver Agyeman MacIver miller Would be my guess in formation. Interesting to see how this goes. Wed tended to not perform just as well when the starting eleven is changed. Really like Tait but think we will miss Henderson
  7. I'd forgotten about Neil Duffy, really liked him and you are absolutely right, very similar in terms of what they bring to the team Hendo and Duffy. Midfield enforcer type that allows others to play
  8. We do indeed, however the one I'd least want to lose outside Morrison is Henderson. Last time he was out we drew at Montrose. His physicality is a big miss. I really like Tait but he's not got the physicality and aerial prowess Henderson has. We should still have enough as you say to take the three points hete
  9. Mcglynn saying a key player is injured let's hope it's not him...
  10. It's great to have some stability and consistency with our players and management. Especially given the last few years of churn and instability. Really pleased for Leon he's earned it. Hopefully the familiarity within the team will help us next season. no rebuild required
  11. Just looking at the form for the Hamilton v Alloa game. Was surprised to see that Hamilton have only won 1 of their last 5 homes games and Alloa have only lost 1 of their last 5 away games. We win at Kelty and there is every chance the lead could be extended. However, Kelty haven't lost in their last 3 home matches, so certainly no gimme.
  12. On the player of the year, I would, if possible award it to the whole team. It's almost impossible to argue one player above another - every single one of them could be argued to have deserved it for one reason or another. They have all been exceptional this season. I've seen all the other teams in the league at least once this season and I wouldn't take one outfield player from the other 9 teams over any one of our players this season.
  13. Yep, agree with above posts, keep the starting 11 at our strongest till the league is won, especially in the tougher away games. Can always bring on the subs early in the game IF we have a decent lead.
  14. Which makes it even more bewildering that Montrose are 3/1 to win!? I don't get it, looks like very good value to me. Sometimes wonder if the bookies actually look at the form
  15. Thought Montrose, as usual were pretty decent last night. Big and physical (esp at the back), good in possession (which unlike a lot of teams at TFS stadium they had 49% of), get forward in numbers, well organised. They didn't really trouble us too much in the forward areas, but true to his word Petrie "rested" a few players in preparation for this game so I think they will be more dangerous up front on Saturday than they were last night. Tough game for Queens.
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