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  1. Lochgilphead Red Star will be back next season, accepted into the Greater Glasgow League, excellent news.
  2. Is that the boy that was at Queens Park a few years ago? Winger?
  3. 9 remaining Central Premier clubs along with 3 from the SAFL plus Castlemilk coming up from Central Championship, not sure if one more from Central Championship as well.
  4. Fair bit of turd polishing going on in that podcast, lesgue and other teams not accomidating them by letting them play Friday nights. Weather to blame for poor crowds is another highlight!
  5. Central/SAFL merger announced on Twitter now, positive move imo
  6. The lack of self awareness whenever they mentions budgets etc is hilarious!
  7. Looking forward to this tomorrow!
  8. Was as the game, thought Striling probably shaded the first half but seems to be a lock of confidence about them at both ends if the pitch. Edinburgh came into the game second half and after the red card there was an inevitability about the result. Agree with the poster who thought removing Bikey was a strange sub.
  9. Do they put highlights up on YouTube or is it only when they win?
  10. Celtic having the top 5 scorers in the charts is pretty Tinpot even though we aren't even finished week 3!
  11. Any idea when the draw for this is scheduled? Assuming its fairly soon given they're looking to kick off the first round on the first week in September, not seeing anything on the Scottish Amateur site.
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