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  1. Assistant manager Gordon Young leaves Cove. Completely unexpected and opens up speculation as what happens next? This can't of materialised overnight. Where's Gordon off to, Motherwell coaching or found another assistant or even a managerial gig? Who will replace him? Will Hartley continue at the helm beyond the end of the season?
  2. Agreed with the main stand, it's nowhere near big enough and Links Park stand puts ours to shame. Balmoral was built when we were in the Highland League obviously and it's seating was cautious in hindsight. Same can be said with the new stands going in. Will undoubtedly look much better, I'm all for it , but 150 seat away stand is only built for here and now, L1.
  3. Supposedly the temp stands will be taken down in a couple of weeks. Back to standing, which I prefer, but will be nice to have both options again. Hopefully the new stands will be ready for next season.
  4. Temporary stands behind goals to be removed ready for 2 new permanent stands to be built in their place. To me that looks a marked improvement. EDIT: Supposedly there will be approximately 360 seats in the home stand 150 seats in the away stand. Stands will be built in a way to be easily extended. Will need that option if we ever go up. The away temp stand was 875 in 22/23. https://coverangersfc.com/2024/02/27/balmoral-stadium-update/?fbclid=IwAR1VVJ3ftbgTjoH_wQVLXYFdmqaZ4_z7y0dNPEEsaFceXME78R39tswY4VI
  5. 5th to 9th separated by 3 points makes for great viewing for the neutral, nervy if you're a fan of a team involved I'd imagine. Admittedly haven't seen overly much of Caley this season, just the odd game on Friday night and highlights but I agree that whoever finishes 9th will be favourites. Accies have the best all round squad of the playoff contenders in L1, they are lumbering along right now given title hopes went up in smoke recently but if they can find form they have a high ceiling and I wouldn't be surprised to see them go up. Many question Rankin's capabilities which could be their Achilles heel. Alloa are bang in form right now, have some good attacking options in Bobby Wales, Taylor Steven and even Ally Roy who I know didn't do it in the Championship but can chip in with goals. A couple of decent options in the middle of the park with Miko, Kurtis Roberts and Stevie Hetherington, it's at the back they would need to tighten to really mount a challenge. Montrose, under Petrie, would be a difficult two legged tie. They can keep shape, be very hard to break down and do have goals in them. Very quiet window for the Gable Endies and the consensus is they are one or two short. Miller Thomson really impressed and IF he stayed or was replaced and another body added a la Terry Masson (out injured) the optimism would have been higher. Kerr Waddell long term injured is another blow for the Mighty Mo. As for us, we're bang average. Recruited very poorly in the summer, barely recruited at all in January, and have a woeful defence (again) so even if we sneak 4th we'll pose little threat to the 9th place finisher.
  6. Glass certainly won't being coming to us for a 3rd loan spell. Hartley took him in in January last year, sat him on the bench and essentially left him to rot until the last game of the season when he looked exceptional and a true match winner. Suspect he'll go to a Championship team but if he arrived at Links Park then you would have a real top player for our level and he'd go a long way to securing 4th ahead of us.
  7. A bit of time to reflect since Saturday's win. A welcomed 3 points but extremely far from convincing and very much an out of form team (Cove) struggling over the line. My thoughts coming away from the match were that Annan were very much improved since the last time they visited Balmoral and that the scoreline could have been reversed and we would have had little to complain about. Annan will rack up points in their remaining fixtures if they continue performing like this. I'd be slightly concerned if I were Stirling Albion and even QoS, however, saying that if they lose their next 2 (Falkirk and Queens away) then realistically only the Binos might be catchable. First half was even and apart from Scully's right footed shot being cleared off the line, we created little else apart from Rumarn's bundled effort which gave us a perhaps undeserved lead at the break. Annan, I think, had 6 corners on the opening 45 minutes, and looked like a team higher than their current position. Oscar MacIntyre at left back really stood out, got joy down the left flank and Goss was giving Reynolds and the woeful Will Gillingham, a horrid time with his physicality. Second half saw guilt edge chances for Mitch, who inexcusable missed all three of them. Gone is the deadly assassin of a striker. Still has a part to play for us but once irreplaceable, sadly not the case any longer. If he left in the summer, many would think it likely was the right decision. Annan had a couple of golden opportunities of their own too, the best coming via Josh Walker right through on goal one on one with Balint and could only blaze it over the bar. Thankfully Kerr scrambled one home in the last 10 minutes to secure us a win and keep some pressure off of Hartley who we sleeping walking with at the helm. What worries me is: 1. Lack of depth in our squad. Connell our only offensive option from the bench. 2. Lack of any width in the side, it really irks me watching everything long or through the middle and no one getting in behind from the sides. 3. Reynolds being our best centre half with Gillingham and Cameron Stewart looking even worse than the 37 year old veteran. 4. Blair and Scully being pushed wide and being largely ineffective 5. No further signings since Lawal came in and started to warm our bench over 5 weeks ago. 6. Why are Gallagher and Golding out on loan if we aren't taking others in. 7. Our side currently is a big regression from the one 2 years ago. This season hopefully is transition rather than the new normal. Pleasing to see Fyvie back. His first game back and we win, that keeps his record this season going. Played 9, won 6, drawn 3, lost 0.
  8. They were when we came up into L2 for that season as I used to stand next to Harry Milne's Dad and he took their dog. Unfortunately they don't allow it now sadly
  9. Should be a very capable signing. Interested to see how he gets on with the Binos
  10. I've liked what I've seen highlights wise from Annan over the last few weeks. 3 wins in their last 5, only 2 defeats (by the Wasps) in their last 7. The latter game at Recs was supposedly very even and the Galabankies were unfortunate to come away empty handed so this will be far from plain sailing. Annan carry a real threat with Goss, Luissint is mobile and capable, Ndiweni has some pedigree. Not many will play against Chelsea in the EPL and then play in Scottish League 1 in the same season. Looking forward to seeing him in action. Really impressed with Aidan Smith. Need to stop him feeding Goss. Only 1 clean sheet in 15 league games is their achilles heel and rivals our woes at the back to some extent. Must admit after an ardous 2 months I'm looking forward to Saturday and watching a Cove player with true class, clearly that's our midfield maestro Fraser Fyvie. I can't see Hartley starting Connell as he won't drop Mitch and Rumarn is still undroppable even though it's 1 in 7 for him. Only possible way in for him is if Scully isn't available after picking up a knock and going off last weekend. Might then get a shot wide left. Fyvie returns, scores, and we start to put some wins on the board. Anything other than a win and there undoubtedly will be animosity, boos and unrest towards Hartley at FT.
  11. Burrell this season is definitely a stand out and looks like he can make the step up to the Championship although i think he'll head back down south. I'd be amazed if he hasn't PCA'd already. His pace, touch and finish has bagged him 18 league goals in 24 games and 21 in all competitions. That's in a side that has struggled at times and has little supply from the wide areas. He would benefit having a Brian Graham/George Oakley/Dipo Akinyemi type alongside him as he's not the most physical. We're getting home crowds of around 500-550 this season but that includes corporate. Definitely dipped since we were last in L1, had far better quality players and were flying. Frustrating see the numbers drop off but the club aren't exactly busting a gut to do everything they can to increase the matchday experience either. Needs a shake up to get the momentum back.
  12. Thanks, appreciate that. 2023 especially was an extremely tough time to be a Cove fan. Going back to your ex (manager) rarely ever works out and so we proved in dramatic fashion. A few poundings received and down on the last day of the season by goal difference in the dense fog. Never felt more deflated in a ground. I really hope we can make it back to the Championship and make a fist of it rather than the feeble attempt we brought last season. I'm almost certain it won't happen under Hartley who has proved with a "restrained" budget, and rightly so, he's less than capable of recruiting quality players and equally as poor as getting the most of out them. We need a change, it feels stagnate. Will still need some cash being injected to get back up as our "fan base" will take time to increase. Anyway, I've enjoyed watching the Friday night Championship games and going to a few in person when I couldn't get to the likes of Annan/QoS away
  13. I believe he must be still part time given he started a new job in September as a safety advisor (noticed a post from his employer on LinkedIn). Only way he could be full time is if he has a very flexible work schedule, hard to see how that would be achievable. He's no longer attached to AFC as a coach after recently getting his A license.
  14. Convincing win for the Wasps after what sounded like a first half which we edged without putting the ball in the net. Second half belonged to the home side who punished our defensive frailties which have been all to evident the last 2 months. Wasps are flying now. Definitely got some momentum for a couple of tricky fixtures upcoming. We drop out the playoff spots and need to start the chase. Plenty of time to do that but some degree of solidarity must return to the backline to get back to winning ways.
  15. A boost for Alloa and a blow for Cove. It will have been a full 3 months out for Fraser after what looked like a little knock but was clearly more than that. Only played 8 competitive games for us in whole of 2023. "The Alloa game might have come too early for Fraser Fyvie, who has now resumed full training, but assuming he suffers no reaction, the midfielder should be available for the meeting with Annan next week." https://coverangersfc.com/2024/02/16/massive-ninety-minutes-ahead-at-alloa/
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