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  1. Fantastic results for Arniston and Preston last night. An East Lothian semi final. Great for the region. Hopefully Preston get a bumper gate on Friday ,they most certainly deserve it.
  2. Probably our best player. Stood out most games at that level. Bigger step up but a tricky wee player who gets torn in and hopefully will do well for yous. Sad to see him go but delighted for his progress.
  3. Having watched "Norrie work " s YouTube film of the game I get the feeling Dalbeattie are happy where they are. The chairman kinda hinted that travelling in the LL was getting a bit much and they're happy where they're at now.
  4. According to a thread on the league 2 forum it's difficult to get a signal to stream the game.
  5. Hasnt Rosyth folding proved more of a crucial point of the season?
  6. You have stated that all season so an obvious worry and a chance for Stranraer to breach it. As long as you've got goals in yer team which you have youre most certainly still in it. Still all to play for Saturday.
  7. £2 per trip whether one stop or 100 stops. Capped at £5.00 day ticket if using contactless as long as same card.
  8. E K used to have great highlights coverage I'm sure it was called EK broadcast TV, whatever happened to that?
  9. Yes a flat one sided ground with difficult views if busy but a nice hospitable club.
  10. Both very welcoming clubs though Creetown should they win the league have more of a flat one sided with no vantage points ground.
  11. Didn’t they get a fair few quid for Craig Gordon years ago when Hearts sold him to Sunderland? Haven't they ran successful youth teams for years? Not many fans as quoted but a wee bit income there.
  12. Yet their small band of loyal committee carry on week in week out. It's not all about glory hunting.
  13. And they may well get that result against an inconsistent Whitehill on Tuesday night. Nae pressure like.
  14. K Park hardly stands out as a ground as well. I'd say it's only slightly better than Meadowbank.
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