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  1. It wasn't meant as a dig at the West clubs. Was more meant clubs don't have resourcing to get licensed.
  2. I could be wrong but im sure WW Vale and Threave all had to source their own funding just to keep a license. Its difficult getting a players budget with that going on in the background so no real surprise they've been struggling. Maybe one of the reasons so few West teams are licensed.
  3. Out of interest who are the current "diddy outfits" ?
  4. This is where the pyramid flaws. Teams like Dalbeattie and Gretna get to play in a far inferior league giving them a much stronger chance of winning it and a two legged play off against the East or West champs for a straight return to the LL whereas your "diddy outfits" of Whitehill Vale of Leithen and Ed Uni play against former strong junior clubs. It's always going to be difficult for the relegated East Region LL side. It is what it is though and I can't see promotion/relegation changing anytime soon.
  5. The big game in the South cancelled today for a burst pipe. Conspiracy theorists oot in force
  6. Ideal candidate for the Cowdenbeath job.
  7. The clubs will though, a bit of revenue at the lower end of the scale lost. The Premiership clubs are just bullies after all its a FA competition and nothing to do wi the Premier League. A joke of a decision.
  8. What makes you sure Fraserburgh won't be serious about promotion?
  9. Ross County pumped Rangers today wi a tiny fraction of fans of what Rangers get. Football is won on the park no the terraces,good luck to E.K they've proved they have been the best side this season. Rather see them win it than the 'B' teams so it's a girfuy to them.
  10. Thank you. That's still a good bit travel away from Stair Park. Plenty non league sides in Kilwinning area. Berwick were similar I think when they went down. Couldn't attract players due to the rise of Bonnyrigg Edin City Spartans et al.
  11. The LL would be a disaster for Stranraer. The whole player structure would change. Do you still train away from the area? Players are not going to travel for non league football when they can get it on their doorstep? Best of luck in your quest to stay up.
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