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  1. Pretty happy with our draw for the South Challenge Cup 1st Round away to Ardrossan Winton Rovers. Win that and 2nd round is Nithsdale Wanders. At least one decent away day/road trip there. Looking forward to the season beginning. New league to get into and a couple of Cup runs would be nice.
  2. Urban Village is other side of Ferry Road. More a gastro chain pub thing/hotel. Scottish Engineer might be the closest actual pub that's decent. On Telford Road... maybe a 20 min walk from the ground. Variety of buses approach the Crewe Toll roundabout from all directions, so easy to get close to the ground from city centre
  3. My thoughts too... Glenrothes were very good in 3 games against us last season, which likely alerted the management to these guys... but they do seem to have struggled against the rest... certainly Bell has looked quite energetic and lively in the preseason matches so far and has a bit of presence about him. I'm sure the other new signings will be announced soon... as well as those that have moved on.
  4. We had Stirling Albion first. Drew 1-1. Starting 11 looked quite decent and were just ahead of Broxburn. But they were clearly short of numbers, so once they started to make changes it was mostly young lads and they started to struggle. I thought you guys were a very fit and strong side - all over the park. Didn't think you had much to offer going forward, but probably more due to it being a new side so trying to get a solid Base to start from - which looks to be there. Not sure who all Bonnyrigg have brought in, but they have almost been having a wee player exchange with Tranent over the summer. Included in that is Higginbotham who does still have some nice touches.
  5. Well... Bonnyrigg looked very good today and comfortably ran out 6-1 winners. Broxburn were missing a couple of players and didn't play well at all, but taking that into account, Bonnyrigg look the best of the 3 League 2 sides we've played preseason. Definitely a bad day at the office for us and shown what the gap can be between tiers 4 and 5. Think Bonnyrigg will likely fare better this season than the last couple.
  6. Ahhhh being "newer" stadiums I do forget they are grass! The Uni seem to play a lot of their home games on a Sunday normally... don't know if that is a preference or down to fixture clashes. I actually don't mind having a few games moved to Friday/Sunday... handy for a spot of groundhopping, etc (which I get not everyone is in to)
  7. What I expected to be another competitive friendly today turned into a bit of a stroll for Bonnyrigg... running out 6-1 winners. Broxburn were missing a few players and were pretty poor in general, but Bonnyrigg were very good. Especially in the first half. 3 games now against League Two sides (well 2 and a half...!) and Bonnyrigg have looked by far the best yet. A bit of variety to the goals, some maybe given away a bit too easily, but I think Bonnyrigg will be having a better season this time out. Was a good test for Broxburn and I'm sure lessons for the coaching staff to take on. And luckily, it was just a friendly!
  8. Back to actual football... and home v Broomhill for our 1st league match in the Lowland League! Pretty happy with that. They seem to have had quite a clearout of players and were struggling a bit in 2nd half of last season. So could be one to target 3 points and get the season off to a good start. And I don't suspect they'll bring any ultras!!
  9. Finally!!! https://slfl.co.uk/slfl-fixtures-for-2024-25/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR00zgxqTyDYGfuyLf2sH9uhMq0X51JRugaG_qS-BpbEricPZkjQCLupreA_aem_Wn_f4XUbh3l5RL1zAudwSA
  10. Yeah there must be options to work around it. Swap fixture and if still a clash, change the day! It seems to be taking forever to get fixtures out this year. It feels a much longer wait than previous seasons.
  11. Aren't all the groundshares on pitches with astro? So can't the fixtures just come out and any clash punt it to the Friday or Sunday?
  12. Fame at last!! But no, a couple of polite messages to ask if they can use and some thanks! I need a better agent!
  13. That seems more like it. I thought police were being a bit lenient, even by modern standards, if someone was directly hit by a break. Hopefully someone will be sending a wee message to Bonnyrigg to check their Ultras situation! Although I believe the City ones have previous form for getting a bit lairy!
  14. What makes that even more baffling is my mate that is a City fans said they were also setting off flares, etc at the Hibs game... Club should be nipping it in the bud, not encouraging them and giving them a wee dedicated mention!
  15. And this is what it should have been about. For a freezing July evening, it was turning into a decent match. City looked quite newly put together, bit fit and strong. Broxburn were settling in some new signings that look decent, but their old guard were linking to play some nice stuff. Was hoping to see more of the new signings run out during 2nd half!
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