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  1. Purely because it's clearly such an obvious 'go up at all costs' approach from them and the disparity in quality will only grow more as they spend more to match that ambition. I personally wouldn't want to see them goose a playoff final to have another go at this next season.
  2. Robertson, Thomson and Daramola are ridiculous signings for a tier 5 club. You know what? Fair play to them. None of us would be crying unfair playing field/money bags etc. if our club were in their position. They are obviously flinging the kitchen sink at going up this year. Time will tell if the scattergun approach of recruitment and outgoings pays any real dividend in the long run. I think it's quite obvious that clubs that chase that 'dream' so intently eventually hit a ceiling where the only way is down. As many have said, that may come slightly quicker once Kennedy is out the picture. I genuinely think them getting up and out of the Lowland as soon as possible is best for everyone at this stage (though MK has previous of bottling a promotion decider as massive favourites...)
  3. On my knees begging and pleading for just one lower league Scottish club to read the room a bit on social media. Just once.
  4. Kevin Thomson thought the same about himself.
  5. Kennedy has built an admittedly very savvy brand around himself at this level for a guy whose recent managerial career can be described, pretty much at best, as fulfilling minimum expectations by winning a title with Darvel and sitting comfortably top with EK - excluding the obvious with the Aberdeen win. It could be argued that his Darvel tenure was ultimately a failure with not getting them out of the WoS. I think teams vying for the top suit the style of play him and Ferry insist on. When it clicks, it's very easy on the eye, but I'd be concerned of that 'philosophy' being exposed far more by more capable physical, direct sides at a higher level. I wonder if there's a part of him keen to turn a less fancied outfit around to prove to himself that he can. I don't get the impression that's his style, mind you.
  6. Exactly this. How often is the vacant post at Clyde fodder for the sports section of Scottish newspapers? Dangling a 'will he/won't he' to the journos for a job that, in my view, he'd have no real intention of taking but will regularly be talked about for regardless. Can then go back with a Wolf of Wall Street 'I'm not f'ing leaving' schtick for the EK media team and circulate for a few jobs higher up than Clyde in the future. Fair play if that's the case. Play the game if you can.
  7. Genuine question to EK supporters: Has this been coming/are there problems or uncertainty behind the scenes? I haven't seen EK play this season, but from the outside they've appeared to be very comfortable this season. Okay, Foresters is arguably the hardest ground in that league to come to, the tight pitch doesn't suit teams, and obviously we are a more direct side than yourselves. Regardless, if your *only* way of winning a game is by dominating the ball then it's hard lines when a team is good enough to not let you do it. But yesterday the two sides looked miles apart. Certainly didn't feel in any way like we were up against the best side in the league. Kennedy having his head turned elsewhere?
  8. A few, yeah. Namely the guy's ego, a couple of demonstrable examples of pretty classless conduct recently, seemingly constant self-aggrandising about his own management style and some pretty questionable public Twitter likes bringing to light - among other things - his willingness to defend David Goodwillie or at least back those that were. I could go on. You're bang on though, I'm sure it all just stems from jealousy. Seems a stand up bloke apart from all the aforementioned trivial stuff...
  9. 5k a week at that level is absolutely mindboggling. Really can't see that.
  10. I'm not privy to any inside info at the club, or our long-term future plans, but with fairly recent developments at the club and a lot of talk (from multiple clubs) about the cost of sustaining at L1/L2 level, I can see our 'chasing the dream' approach and spending reigning in a bit to more of a 'competitive challenger/in the mix' Lowland League team than one of the stick-ons for the league. We were pretty much toe-to-toe in the Summer with EK, in terms of recruiting at their pace (and I actually thought we'd brought in the stronger personnel at the time, parking injury problems and the fact we spent a few weeks managed by Max Christie) but East Kilbride have been a different animal with it as the season has unfolded - God knows what happens there if they *don't* go up this season. That said, our form's improved a lot recently. Our games coming up against EK will suss a lot out in terms of where we're at. If you've got it, make it work for you, and best of luck to everyone at EK apart from their manager... as has been said they seem like a decent bunch of supporters and are gonna be one of the title favourites in this league most, if not every season.
  11. Picking up a solid run of form since Little took charge. Just relieved the decision was reached as quick as it was.
  12. Would 100% take him at Foresters but can see him fulfilling EK's quota of signing a new player every week off the back of beating someone 8 or 9 nil.
  13. Has Ciaran Brian been brought in from Edinburgh City?
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