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  1. In what feels like about the 27th time we'll have played them in the past year
  2. Announcing the fixtures 3 weeks before the start of the season?! Steady on.
  3. Five or six first team regulars have left in the last couple of weeks to be fair.
  4. Danny Handling seems a good signing. Gowzer confirmed as well.
  5. That's the one. Is he a centre half?
  6. The club haven't messed about getting reinforcements in. Listening to Matty Thomson's podcast interview, him and Yano seem to have a pretty clear idea of the profile of player they want to come in.
  7. Odd switch from an EK angle. Watched them both at Tranent and inclined to say we've ended up with the better player.
  8. Broque away to EK. Assuming a fair few new signings incoming pretty imminently.
  9. Has the club just gone off the idea of bothering to announce when a player's left? Only found out Kieran had left from Bonnyrigg's Instagram post and Lennon Walker's away and seemingly no one had a clue. I know they're after a Media Officer and no one's expecting glitzy social media in the interim, but personnel ins and outs is the absolute basics. The AGM was last Tuesday. Either nothing of note got brought up or the club are gatekeeping any info to people in attendance or a select few in the know.
  10. Our social media might as well be morse code so it's anyone's guess who actually signs and leaves
  11. Bonnyrigg Tranent United. Calum obviously getting some of the old band back together along the road - squad is gonna look a whole lot different at the end of the summer I think.
  12. Worst away day in the league, personally - and they've got some competition.
  13. Conor Doan confirmed from Bonnyrigg.
  14. Our dugout turnover over the years recently is a fair shout, for sure. Player turnover at tier 5 level with short-term contracts, I'd have imagined was pretty hefty across the board.
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